New Jesmonite-based craft businesses expected in Romania thanks to new distributor

We’re expecting a lot of new Jesmonite-based craft businesses to launch in Romania. Why? Because there’s a new distributor in the country and word is spreading!

Effréné, an established interior design company based in Cluj-Napoca, has become the latest Jesmonite distributor.

It’s a country where  brand awareness is gradually increasing but already, just one month in, there is a buzz for Jesmonite.

Georgiana Zahan, owner of Effréné, said it was a very exciting time and the future is looking very positive for Jesmonite in Romania.

She said: “Very few artists here know about Jesmonite but we have a lot of people interested in arts and crafts and I’m certain they have to know about it.

“I was expecting it to be popular but already, one month in, it has surpassed expectations.

“People have been very responsive to social media posts we’ve put out about stocking Jesmonite, many people have been calling and emailing, men and women equally, asking for technical details and saying they want to open a business with Jesmonite.

“As they grow their businesses, they will increase Jesmonite awareness across Romania too.”

Effréné was established as an online retail company in 2017. Two years later Georgiana also launched her interior design studio, Interior Design Lab.

The two companies work alongside one another and the latest developments include a recently launched home fragrance line with reed diffusers and candles to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

And soon there could be more Jesmonite based products available in their object lines too – Georgiana knows the extent of the material and has dreams of creating her own collection of decorations, homeware and furniture.

She said: “I found Jesmonite online when I saw some videos and was extremely interested in it.

“I found out how eco friendly and versatile it is too, it looked great. So easy to work with and you can do so much with it.

“At first I just wanted to use it but I couldn’t find a distributor so I decided to start selling it myself.

“Jesmonite as a material works very well with the company concept and the field we are in, our existing customers and artists will love it too so it made sense to stock Jesmonite for them.”

The Effréné home collection was created to truly feel good in the spaces where we spend our time. The company also prides itself on products being created with natural ingredients,

vegan, not tested on animals and gentle on the environment.

Visit their website or follow them on Instagram or TikTok for more information.