Read all about it! Book on Jesmonite creations is released and we meet the author


Jesmonite in a book – did you ever think you’d see it?

No, it’s not a book made of Jesmonite, but a book all about creations made with Jesmonite!

We were delighted to see the Créations en Jesmonite book for sale by talented French creative Elise Maillet.

Elise, who has been creating with different materials since the age of seven and has had four previous books published, said she was incredibly proud of this book as Jesmonite is her favourite material to use.

“It was an adventure to write the book,” she said.

“For me Jesmonite is magic, it is not a resin like you are used to that smells bad and is not good for your health.

“It is very simple to use, it does not have a bad smell, it is safe for your health and it dries very quickly. It is just magic.

“I can do workshops for an hour and a half and people can go home with finished projects.

“I love experimenting with colour, it can be so different, with just one more drop and it’s exciting. You can mix different materials in too, I have used coffee before, I like to use natural materials.”

When Elise runs workshops or sells her crafts at French fairs under her business name Les Lovers Deco people are always intrigued by Jesmonite, asking what it is and saying it is amazing.

One person who saw her at a fair worked at publishing company Créapassions – he was so intrigued he asked her to write the book!

For research Elise practised lots of different projects to determine what was best to include in the book – keeping in mind that it was for beginners.

She mixed materials, experimented with colours and even created her own silicone moulds – which the book also teaches you to make.

Projects featured in the book range in size – Elise’s favourite is a table which is simple to make but big and she said is very impressive when you have it in your home and tell your friends you made it!

In collaboration with French distributor Prodemmia, the book has been sent out with Jesmonite kits and it is on course to be very popular.

And all this after only discovering Jemsonite on Instagram in 2021!

“I hope it is a best seller!” Elise added.

“It is the first book on Jesmonite and I am very proud and excited about it.”

Elise has always been creative, making creations from flowers and needlework – her previous published books are about creating with macrame, paper mache, gifts to make for friends and one on 150 different projects using different materials.

For more information about Elise and her creations follow her on Instagram or visit her website.