19 Jul 2018
by The Jesmonite Team

Jesmonite materials have recently been tested or retested in accordance with EN 13501-1 under the harmonised Euroclass System of reaction to fire performance of building products which has been adopted by countries across Europe. Under this system building products are divided into the following seven classes on the basis of their reaction to fire properties:                                                                                        

Class – DefinitionsA1– Non combustible / A2 – Non combustible / B – Very limited contribution to fire / C – Limited contribution to fire / D – Medium or acceptable contribution to fire / E – High contribution to fire / F – Easily flammable                           

Classes A2 to D also have the additional following classes relating to smoke emission and the production of flaming droplets during the first ten minutes of exposure:

SMOKE EMISSION (Class – Definitions)s1 – Little or no smoke / s2 – Quite a lot of smoke / s3 – Substantial smoke

FLAMING DROPLETS (Class – Definitions)d0 – None / d1 – Some / d2 – Quite a lot

The tests on Jesmonite materials were carried out by Exova Warrington Fire a world leader in the provision of testing and advisory services with the following results being achieved:

Jesmonite material EN 13501-1 Classification
AC100 B – s1, d0
AC300 B – s1, d0
AC730 A2 – s1, d0
AC730 Flex Metal Composites B – s1, d0
AC830 A1

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