Introducing our first ambassador in Europe – Razzo Studio

We are delighted to introduce our new Jesmonite ambassador and the first in Europe – Razzo Studio!

Razzo Studio create some incredible Jesmonite products and we are so thrilled to have them officially endorsing our material to their customers across the world.

Based in Tilburg, The Netherlands, the business was launched by Nádia Jivá and Thomas Neis in 2021, after discovering Jesmonite during lockdown.

They now sell their homeware products to over 25 countries and have people joining their online workshops from Canada, South Africa, India, Dubai, Australia and more.

Nádia said: “We are super excited to be the first Jesmonite ambassador in Europe.

“It means a lot of recognition for the work we have been doing and it is a brand we are dedicated to using, a lot of people ask us questions about the material so now we have more backing and confidence for representing Jesmonite in the online workshops we run.”

Thomas added: “We hope there will be more ambassadors in Europe and we can maybe arrange events in the future. But for now, we can continue making our products with Jesmonite, hoping to expand their market in Europe which of course is already huge.

“We like to make and sell to consumers, but we also like to help other creatives, people can come to us with questions, and we continue to develop our YouTube channel to share more information too.”

Razzo Studio was set up after the two software developers were impressed with how easy Jesmonite is to use and how professional it looked like an end product.

Thomas, who always likes to have a project on the go, was curious about what he could do with Jesmonite and Nádia, who claims not to be a creative person, was surprised that ‘even’ she could be creative as well.

“We would never have expected to have this kind of quick growth we had,” Nádia added.

“We were not expecting people to respond like this, it was very surprising and satisfying.

“We didn’t think we’d be designing products and be in the position we are in.

“We also both love how big the community is working with this product – people from all over the world message us, share products and help each other out.”

Thomas developed a Jesmonite calculator, which is now used by creatives across the world.

Thomas said: “We think Jesmonite has a good future ahead, a longer way to go, creating new products and many people yet to discover it too.

“We love Jesmonite because it’s eco-friendly, more than other resin materials, and you can do it from home, we don’t need to use masks or protective clothing – we can even make something on our lunch break.”

Razzo Studio also loves how quickly Jesmonite sets, getting end results so quickly, and that the sustainable nature of the material sits with their mindset and business ethos.

A lot of their work is Terrazzo, one of their favourites to make due to the surprising unique look of each product and the fact it uses all waste leftovers, but they also create simple colour pieces too.

Katy Williams, marketing manager at Jesmonite, said: “We just love the work Razzo Studio produces.

“They are instantly recognisable on social media with their vibrant pieces which would be an incredible addition to any home.

“We are so pleased to have them as a Jesmonite ambassador and know they will do an excellent job – having already created the incredible Jesmonite calculator! – so we look forward to working closely with them in the future.

For more information on Razzo Studio visit their website.