Over 100k #Jesmonite pictures on Instagram sees our creative community thriving

Pictures of products made with Jesmonite – it’s something that can brighten each day! Here at Jesmonite HQ there is nothing we love more than seeing what you are making with our material. And there is no better place to do that than Instagram. We’ve now seen over 100k posts on the popular platform using the hashtag #Jesmonite.

We get very excited when we see people using Jesmonite for the first time and creating something amazing once they’ve received their starter kit – or watching experienced Jesmonite makers experimenting with the material and posting pictures of what they’ve come up with for the first time – both the successes and failures! It is an informative and educating hashtag that we love to check. The colours, textures and forms we see are so inspirational and we really hope they are for everyone else checking too! Just look:#Jesmonite

Whether it’s @make_hay_clay talking about toning down colour palettes for the cooler months with a picture of gorgeous teal and white products or @terrahomeware showing us their display at Tynemouth market, it is a thrill to see.

On a drizzly day outside @dot.soaps made us smile when they posted pictures of adorable blue and white cloud shaped trays, used for soap, jewellery, candles or tea.

Shaped flower vases by @jesmonita_ in Italy caught our attention as well as terrazzo plates with eyes on by @_ha.oh_ in France.

If you’re feeling hungry I would eat before you look at products like the Jellybeans pots made by @selfish_customs or anything made by @fakefoodworkshop in Edinburgh!

And that’s just some of the 100K+ posts from around the world. It’s inspiring, informative and a real sense of like-minded creatives in a community when we check #Jesmonite. So, if you’re not on Instagram and you’re posting about Jesmonite, get yourself on there – and use the hashtag #Jesmonite, that’s where we share work of our creatives on to the Jesmonite feed.