Danish Jesmonite creator is our latest brand ambassador!

An established Jesmonite creator who is taking their brand in a new direction is hoping to share a love for experimenting and prompt lots of questions.

Studio Sidsel Space, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, is hoping to encourage creativity and help others find the possibilities of Jesmonite as our latest brand ambassador.

We are delighted to have designer Sidsel Søgaard Spas on board at such an important time in her business!

“It is so exciting to be a Jesmonite ambassador,” she said.

“It is a stamp of approval for the work I have been doing and it is great timing as I take my design practice in a new direction.

“I want to use my ambassadorship as a way to show other crafters that Jesmonite can be used at a high level, to encourage experimentation and creation and show people that you can make art with Jesmonite too.

“It is an opportunity to show another side of the product and open up more possibilities, allowing creatives to think more freely.

“I love the material – you can colour it so well and it is so adaptable.

“Also, I have no patience so it is good that I can prototype really fast, keeping the passion alive.”

Sidsel first learnt about Jesmonite as a prototype material while studying at the Kolding School of Design in Denmark in 2013.

Studio Sidsel Space was born in 2019 after she quit her job in cultural production. The brand was founded with a focus on accessibility and a desire to bring more colour into people’s living spaces, but now Sidsel wants to challenge herself.

She is going back to her design roots and her conceptual background – she will be making accessible candle holders, wallhangings, vessels and more – but not in shapes and designs seen elsewhere. She is now taking a radically different approach to the use of the material.

“I make all moulds myself and my goal is always to create a good experience for people,” she added.

“I mainly work with AC100 and it has such a great aesthetic – I want to show what it can do.

“I have been experimenting a lot, I want to embrace the air bubbles and show authentic natural material effects.

“When people see products made of Jesmonite they ask me what it is, at first they think it is concrete, clay or plastic and I really like the juxtaposition. My new range of objects will challenge this even further.

“I am going to start a ‘wild’ range and I am so excited about the future!”

Studio Sidsel Space also creates interiors for high street stores, works on a number of collaborations, offers workshops in their studio space and will even do her first solo exhibition showcasing her approach to working research-based in the field between art and design in 2024. The future is very exciting indeed!

For more information on Studio Sidsel Space visit the website or follow them on Instagram.