Jesmonite launches the perfect paints to use!

Yes , you read right – we have a new product!

We are thrilled to reveal that Jesmonite is launching a specially designed range of paints to use on Jesmonite products and more.

After questions from our customers, we wanted to provide more of what you need to make the stunning creations you come up with.

Specially designed with you in mind

So here it is – specialist mineral based paints to use on all types of Jesmonite from AC100 to AC830 and anything in between – or for covering walls and other surfaces too!

The decorative paints have been developed with you in mind. They have a limitless colour spectrum due to the blends you can experiment with and it is also possible to achieve both solid and colour wash/translucent effects.

They are also:

  • UV-stable and lightfast
  • Highly weather resistant
  • Water repellent
  • Sol-silicate based (so kinder to the environment, which you know we love here at Jesmonite!)

Yes, you read that last bullet point correctly too – very importantly to us, these products are mineral based, meaning they are good for our environment and not developed using harmful chemicals. Keep reading, we’ve got a tip on what to do with leftovers coming up too…

The best ways to use them (trust us, we’ve tried everything!)

The paints have been through rigorous testing at Jesmonite HQ and we came up with some top tips for first-time users.

The can be used both neat or a ratio of 1:1 with the fixative.

We think two to three layers of paint are needed for the best results, leaving 24 hours between coats is our best advice, however waiting until the layers are touch dry is also sufficient.

We mentioned they are intermixable – there are four standard colours and to help you with your blending we’ve created a swatch book to show the colour range, which you’ll get when you purchase some.

And it’s not just for use with a paintbrush! From our experimenting a favourite of ours was to apply the decorative paints with a foam pad – but there’s no reason you couldn’t use other items like sponges, brushes, rollers… anything depending on the desired appearance you want.

Some left over and you don’t want to throw it away? Any excess paints can be left to set into clay and be re-used accordingly.

Get a first glimpse and order some today

We are very proud of our paints, we think the unique newest product line offers a fresh new perspective on Jesmonite.

You can get stunning design inspired metallic finishes and much more – why not try it out for yourself and see what else you can come up with.

Not sure what they’ll be like or if they are for you? Check out our social channels to see what others think and follow our ambassadors HEFT to find out their verdict.