New distributor signed up to bring Jesmonite to an excited Czech Republic audience

A new distributor has been signed to bring Jesmonite to an excited audience in the Czech Republic for the first time. has begun to distribute the water-based resin, concrete alternative – despite never having used the material themselves before.

Creative director Zuzana Dobsickova and marketing director Martina Žemličková simply had to be part of the Jesmonite family after seeing people using it and creating fabulous products with it online. Zuzana said: “Part of my job is to look for new trends, I watch YouTube and follow social media trends.

“I first came across Jesmonite when watching Tina Le Mac’s DIY home decor channel from the USA, she had seen it on Instagram and TikTok.

“She was doing something with Terrazzo and I said ‘That is great, I have to have it’.

“I did some research and came across Claire’s Crafty Corner in the UK, she does really exciting things with Jesmonite too.

“You can combine Jesmonite with resin, use the same moulds for resin and Jesmonite and it looks brilliant – we love how quickly it dries too. It’s perfect for our customers.

“I cannot wait to try it; I definitely want to try Terrazzo. We want to try all the things you can to produce content for our customers from the beginning, this is the mistakes we made, we learnt this from it, etc – go on the journey with them.” started their business around 15 years ago, mainly supplying glass beads and jewellery products at first, because Czech Republic is famous for its production of pressed glass beads and seed beads. Three years ago, the business slowly started moving into a wider variety of crafting and DIY products after listening to customers, watching YouTube and following trends on social media. The company introduced clay and resin as well as hobby painting supplies.

There is no one else offering Jesmonite in their region as a distributor so being the first there to offer it fits well with the business ethos.

Martina added: “We want to bring the trends to the area, not just for the professionals but for those creating at home too.

“We are the easy-going ones; we want limited options so it’s easy to decide what to buy and not too confusing.

“We don’t want to be arts and crafts suppliers; we want to be the place to get something that is on trend. We can provide the best inspiration in our field.

“It is important for us to bring something new to the market – so we were very happy to be the first Jesmonite distributors in this region.

“We have had a lot of enquiries from customers for Jesmonite, some people wanted a huge amount – 25kg.

“Our customers have enjoyed our new products, we have had success with colour resin and this is something new for our customers.” has also expanded its range of moulds and other products too. Zuzana is planning to begin making Christmas gifts and ornaments with Jesmonite to show to their followers and hopefully display on a popular Czech Republic morning TV show.For more information about visit the website or follow them on Facebook,  Instagram and YouTube.