Three crafters who met at a workshop are now distributors!

They’ve trained people in how to use Jesmonite, they equipped people to launch their own businesses selling products made with Jesmonite and they’ve even taught other distributors about Jesmonite – and now they’re selling it themselves. The team at Concrete Everything were the first company to bring Jesmonite to Singapore and now they’ve signed up to become an official distributor of the water based concrete alternative.


Director Ivan Sei, creative director Zhang Zhizhen, and operations director Marcus Chee, who themselves met at a workshop, are currently heading Concrete Everything, which launched in 2014. They’ve held Jesmonite workshops and raved about the material – and now they’re able to follow up their endorsement by becoming a distributor themselves.

Zhang said: “We are very excited about becoming distributors.

“We have seen so much potential with Jesmonite and we want to make this next step, it is a good fit for our business.

“For a long time we have told people about Jesmonite and what it is – we have held a lot of workshops and the Jesmonite workshops are the most popular ones for us because there is so much more satisfaction from getting your completed product at the end.

“We have so many inquiries after each workshop, people asking to buy Jesmonite. Because we can now supply it too, a lot of our long-time customers are all very excited.”

Jesmonite kits

As well as selling Jesmonite in its raw form and kits, the company also creates and sells coasters, lamps, phone docks and trophies made of Jesmonite. They still host popular workshops and create tutorial videos to help people using the material at home.

“We came across Jesmonite when we were researching for a concrete alternative,” Zhang added.

“It is so versatile, there are so many good things about it – concrete takes a long time to set and it is not so good for the environment.

“The colours are great too, the finish is very true to the pigment and you can create pastels and bright colours – our workshop participants really like it, compared to the limitations with concrete and resin.”


Unlike many others on the island of Singapore, Concrete Everything has a large warehouse and lots of room to store a big supply of the popular product.

Ivan said: “We have capabilities to store and supply, our warehouse means we are able to store more materials than many others.

“We allow customers to have a constant supply of Jesmonite and not have a shortage, we don’t want customers to worry.

“People are ordering constantly but buying more each time and we are able to fulfil these orders within 7-14 days each time.

“Now we are distributors of Jesmonite, there is huge potential for us all over South East Asia.”

Concrete Everything already gets enquiries from Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, the USA, Australia and the UK. To find out more about our latest Jesmonite distributor visit their website.