New distributor in Singapore joins the Jesmonite team!

The worldwide Jesmonite team is growing as a new distributor in Singapore has joined, ready to sell the material to lots of eager customers. Resin Play, based in central Singapore, has signed up as an official Jesmonite distributor after being impressed with its ease of use and getting lots of enquiries from excited customers. Its founder Elaine Tan has worked with resin for more than 10 years and started Resin Play three years ago. She came across Jesmonite when looking for a water-based alternative to add to her current repertoire of non-toxic resins – both she and her customers love it.

Why Jesmonite?

“I was searching for products that fit our brand profile which are easier to use,” she said.

“I run workshops and teach people how to use epoxy resin, but some of our students may find it a little messy to work with.

“As Jesmonite is water based, it is a great option for those who want to work cleaner. Especially for those who want to do their craft at home easily with their children.

“It is a very natural inclusion into our Resin Play family and we think it will be one of our main key products in time.”

Elaine said Jesmonite is the perfect fit for her business, and she has been teaching workshops using the material for more than a year already.

A jewellery designer by trade for the last 10 years, she works with eco-friendly resin and other sustainable materials doing casting, moulding, sanding, and finishing under her jewellery label Amado Gudek. She started Resin Play in 2018 to teach others how to play with resin and, more recently, Jesmonite. With the introduction of Jesmonite to the Resin Play family, Elaine hopes to inspire her customers to combine the use of epoxy resin with Jesmonite to create more interesting and unique products.

How popular is Jesmonite with customers?

“We want to bring joy to people through craft and we strive to introduce new and versatile materials to them. It is heartening to see that they enjoy discovering new materials with us,” she added.

“We first introduced Jesmonite to our customers via our workshops and subsequently via online live demos during the Covid lockdown in early 2020 and it was extremely well received. For resin, it takes 1 day for what they create to dry, but Jesmonite cures in just 20 minutes so students can bring home what they produced straight after the workshop and that is the ultimate gratification

“After the workshops we do have a lot of enquiries from customers who are already excited to buy Jesmonite from us and use it, so becoming a distributor was the next natural step.

“We are very excited about it and believe it helps us to provide more value and mileage for our customers, everything we already sell can be used with Jesmonite.”

For more information about Resin Play visit the website.