New brand ambassador from Canada hopes to improve mental health through Jesmonite creations

Pepper Please

Using Jesmonite as a therapy to both improve your own mental health, the health of others and the sustainability of our world is a top priority of our latest brand ambassador.

We are delighted to introduce Pepper Please Studio, based in Canada, as our latest Jesmonite brand ambassador!

Owner Anastasia Ch is focussed on using her ambassadorship to not only teach people how to use Jesmonite but also to help them improve their mental health and reduce stress.

The company, named after the littlest of three dogs called Pepper who is often kindly asked to ‘please’ do this or don’t do that, was born as soon as Anastasia got her hands on Jesmonite in 2021.

She posted her first reel of her very first make and it has grown beyond her wildest dreams.

“I can’t believe how big Pepper Please is now and how many people I speak to online, it has grown more than I ever imagined,” she said.

“I never tried epoxy resin as I don’t like the toxicity of it but I tried many other crafts. I first heard of Jesmonite on TikTok, I saw this liquid and didn’t even know what it was at that moment, so I researched it.

“When MadMayker became the first distributor from Ontario I pre-ordered it – it was a destiny for me, I loved it before I got it but when I tried it for the first time I loved it more.

“It is really easy to pick up, it is pleasurable to work with, therapeutic – all stress goes away when you’re pouring this versatile material and then seeing the results.

“The texture is incredible and you can add so many different things to it, I think ‘what should I add next time’ – I’ve added wood, stones, quartz, pencil sharpenings and much more.

“I also reuse the leftovers of material by making terrazzo chips, which is good for the environment as it makes my projects zero waste.”

And as soon as Anastasia started using Jesmonite it wasn’t just a business for her. It helped her find herself, who she is besides a mum to kids and dogs.

Creating her handcrafted sustainable decor is a way to relax and relieve stress. She also creates guides to using Jesmonite and documents the processes she uses to make beautiful creations with how to videos on social media.

Now she’s the first ambassador in North America, Anastasia wants to help others to experience the relaxation of crafting with Jesmonite too.

She said: “Being an ambassador is like winning an award – it’s the best recognition.

“I want people to learn about me and use the therapy of art to improve their own lives too.

“It helps me to get through everyday stress, it takes my mind away as I mix and pour, all the sounds and textures, it actually got me out of a deep depression.

“I find crafting with Jesmonite or watching other people working with it very relaxing.

“I am glad my videos get so much attention and love, but more than that I want people to start working with Jesmonite as that will help them even more than just watching those videos.

“You can pour your hardships away as you pour your soul into Jesmonite creations.”

Anastasia is excited for the future – continuing to make homeware to sell but also to increase the amount of teaching she does – answering all the questions she gets on her social media pages, helping other people create businesses and helping people improve their mental health.

For more information follow them on Instagram or Facebook, visit their TikTok, look at their YouTube channel or visit their website.