Neutral home décor by Katie Cook!

Katie Cook

Meet our newest Brand Ambassador, Katie, from Cosiness23. An independent business owner who is celebrating her first anniversary. ‘I have a little handmade neutral home décor shop called Cosiness23, which I’m so proud of. I am a mum to a beautiful 5-year-old girl. My hobbies and interests are, I love to draw, I love plants, and I love camping. A fun fact about me is that I have OCD, which I have been able to merge into my creativity, as I’m able to control my own creative concept and helps make sure everything is the standard I want it to be.’

Where it all began…

‘I’ve loved watching videos of people working towards their dreams and wanted my own business, especially a creative one. My good friends opened their own businesses, which massively inspired me. I decided to give it a go and worked so hard to create Cosiness23, which I’m so happy I did. I get a lot of inspiration from a lot of other beautiful small businesses I have met while growing my business.

‘My brand’s name is Cosiness23, naming a brand is hard! As my brand is neutral home décor, I wanted the name to have a warm feel to it, which made me think of cosy. Then, I decided to add a little more to it to be Cosiness, the 23 comes from the year it was created.

‘I have always been creative and loved drawing and making things. Me and my daughter have always loved crafting together, it’s our favourite thing to do. I’ve always loved home décor and neutral is my niche. I started making aesthetically neutral home décor to see if anyone else liked what I made and when I started seeing them in people’s beautiful homes, I honestly cried so much.’

Why Jesmonite?

‘I’ve loved watching crafty and art videos on YouTube, I started seeing videos on Jesmonite and loved it, I then did lots of my own research online and wanted to try it myself.

‘I enjoy using Jesmonite because it’s a strong, durable and eco-friendly material. It also allows me to be creative. There are so many new skills I have learned, and it allows me to grow in my own creativity from using Jesmonite. It’s also helped me create high quality items for my little shop. My favourite type of Jesmonite to use is the silver-grey granite, it has such a beautiful effect.

‘There is so much you can do with it; I have used it to make home décor and artwork. I also love the different textures you can get with different types of Jesmonite and the different colours you can make with the pigments.

‘My favourite things I have made from using Jesmonite are my seashell vase, which is beautiful, my S’-shaped candle stick holder, which is such a staple item anywhere you put it and my recent art canvas work that has helped me connect with more creative makers.’

What’s next?

Using Jesmonite for creativity ‘has taught me how to use different materials, techniques, and textures. I’ve learned about how colours work and how to use them in different ways. I’ve grown in confidence as a person. I’ve opened so much more of my creative mindset.

‘A massive goal of mine is to make my own silicone moulds to be able to create more bespoke Jesmonite items. Cosiness23 has achieved so much, which I’m so proud of! Another goal is to continue the growth and creativity. I would love to keep working with and meeting other creators and small businesses. Small and big goals are important to me, and I think they should always be celebrated.’

You can find more of Katie’s work here: Website and Instagram.