Meet the team: Lorna Mercer  
17 May 2021
by The Jesmonite Team

Welcome to this month’s introduction to yet another member of the wonderful Jesmonite team.

This time we’re catching up with someone who is pretty much part of the furniture now, after almost 20 years with the company. They’ve seen Jesmonite transform and grow over the years and seen many many different products made with Jesmonite. And they’d be too modest to say, but they’ve been a huge part of the expansion of this company and we have a lot to thank them for. So here’s your opportunity to get to know a little more about someone who you probably know and have come across if you’ve been in touch with us at some point over the last two decades!


Name: Lorna Mercer


Job title: Business Manager


How long have you worked at Jesmonite? Since January 2nd 2003, so 18 years 4 months… and still going strong.


What has been your biggest achievement in your working career? Being employed by Jesmonite for 18 years, 4 months… On a serious note it would be seeing it grow to the international success it is now, and being part of that growth.


What has been your biggest achievement in your personal life? That would be raising my son, he's the best and I could not be more proud of him.


What is the most exciting aspect of your work at Jesmonite? Every day is different at Jesmonite because the enquiries we receive are endless, as our product can be used in so many ways, from home users making soap dishes and coasters to international manufacturers cladding buildings and creating impressive interiors, we deal with every type of enquiry. Every  client is individual to us and the variety makes every day different.


What makes you smile every day? Again, that would be my son - then my cats Yamaha and Suzuki, they are pretty cool and always make me smile.


Where will be the first place you would like to visit post lockdown when we can travel again? I'd take a plane to Perth, Australia to see loved ones. I have been twice now, it’s a beautiful place.


What has been the best piece of advice anyone has ever given to you and who gave it to you? If you can't be a good example then you'll just have to be a horrible warning… Taken from a fridge magnet at a friend’s house, made me laugh and I've always remembered it.


So before she jets off to Australia, check in with Yamaha and Suzuki next time you’re on the phone to Lorna and getting your enquiries dealt with swiftly and efficiently. And watch out for another team member next month!