Meet the Team: Katy Williams

You’re familiar with a few members of the Jesmonite team now, but don’t worry – there’s plenty more! We’ll continue to give you a monthly ‘meet the team’ blog so you get to know more and more of our wonderful Jesmonite workforce. This month we are celebrating a one year anniversary of being with our company for the person we are introducing – and what a first year it has been. They may have expected a job in our offices in Shropshire, but instead they’ve mainly been on the end of a video call, but that hasn’t stopped them from hitting the ground running and they are very much an integral part of our team. You may not have come across this person too much as they do a lot of work behind the scenes (and behind the camera!), but you’re sure to have heard from them when you post a great Jesmonite piece on social media or you expand your creative offering, or anything worth shouting about!

Name: Katy Williams

Job title: Marketing Consultant

How long have you worked at Jesmonite: June 1st was the one-year mark! It has been an exciting first year at Jesmonite.

What has been your biggest achievement in your personal life? Travelling for a year to Australia, New Zealand, and Bali – having to plan, organise and budget a year of fun was incredibly rewarding as well as challenging.

What is the most exciting aspect of your work at Jesmonite? I think it’s so exciting seeing the Jesmonite social media channels grow and supporting our lovely creatives in their Jesmonite journeys – it is amazing to see all the unique creations on #Jesmonite on Instagram. I like the variation of my job mainly, from social media to website editing to Adobe video creation.

Have you made anything using Jesmonite? I have made coasters using Jesmonite AC100, they are so easy to make and super fun! I love the marble design, as you can create a unique coaster every time!

Where is on your bucket list? I would absolutely love to visit Austria; it has been on my list for a while, as it looks like such a beautiful place to explore!

What has been your biggest challenge since the start of the pandemic? Not being able to visit my sisters regularly and give them huge hugs! I think not being able to see family and friends in general has been very tough.

Tell us something we don’t know about you? I can hula hoop for over an hour … random I know!

What is your favourite quote? “Don’t let a bad day distract you from all the progress you have already made”. This is a quote I love from Social media; I think this quote is very relatable as not every day is going to be the perfect day, but you can still focus on those positive achievements!

So, to celebrate being back in the office we could all have a hula hooping competition and we’ll have to get someone else behind the camera to capture Katy’s moves! Any guesses on who we’ll be introducing to you in July? Watch this space!