Meet the Jesmonite Team: Tim Sharman
05 Mar 2021
by The Jesmonite Team

Here at Jesmonite getting our product out to our fantastic distributors is a real team effort. From the guys in the factory, to our marketing and management team, everyone has a vital role to play in making sure you get what you need and we’re creating what is useful to you. And we realised, you may only contact just a few people and not know much about the whole team. So to mark Employee Appreciation Day today we’re starting a new series where you can meet the Jesmonite team and learn a little more about them! We appreciate each and every one of our employees - and distributors and customers! So it seemed like the perfect opportunity to celebrate this. First up is someone you may well know as he seems to know everyone...


Name: Tim Sharman


Job title: Sales Director


How long have you worked at Jesmonite: 7 Years


What has been your biggest achievement in your working career? I would say the expansion of our global client base and establishing Jesmonite Distributors within new and exciting territories around the world.


What has been your biggest achievement in your personal life? A recent big achievement was the redevelopment of our family home which proved to be very challenging but at the same time extremely rewarding.


What is the most exciting aspect of your work at Jesmonite? There are a good number of exciting aspects to my role, I get a big kick out of setting up and training new Jesmonite Distributors and Manufacturers.


What has been your biggest challenge since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic? Like a lot of people the biggest challenge for me has been learning to adapt very quickly to new ways of living and working with day-to-day pandemic restrictions.


What would you say to a child who might be fearing for their future right now following your career experience? Don’t be afraid to fail and don’t live in fear of failure. Learn from your failures and get ready for the next challenge. If you're not failing, you're not growing!


What makes you smile every day? My two children always manage to put a big smile on my face.


Where will be the first place you would like to visit post lockdown when we can travel again? I would love to kick back and relax on a beautiful and secluded Greek island!


What has been the best piece of advice anyone has ever given to you and who gave it to you? “It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice” Great advice although I’ve forgotten who gave it to me!



Keep an eye out on the Jesmonite website as we’ll be focussing on a different member of our great team each month to tell you a little more about them!