Life Project AU
21 Sep 2020
by By The Jesmonite Team

Life Project AU: Australia


Product used: Jesmonite AC830


Sometimes you see something which really sets you thinking and evokes a response from people wanting to get involved in a worthwhile life-changing venture. The Life Project AU sculpture that sits on the Perth shoreline in Australia is a case in point, and we are delighted that Jesmonite played a part in it.


The sculpture


The Life Project AU is a statue of three figures measuring up to three metres tall and weighing in at more than 400kg looking out to sea and was created by the extremely talented Simon Youngleson in collaboration with HGN Design and Jesmonite Australasia to celebrate the lives made possible by organ donation.


HGN Design is Australia’s longest approved Jesmonite manufacturer - making the company the ideal partner for this project.


The artwork is a tribute to donors and their families with the hope that it will encourage more people to think about organ donation. It’s an imposing work and one which has already generated loads of interest, not only in the statue itself but also in the very important message which lies behind it.


The message


The statue appeared on Australian TV then on Facebook and featured Tammie Heedes, the mother of 12-year-old Christopher who died after an asthma attack. Tammie said: “We had the conversation before he passed- away about organ donation. I already knew his wishes, he wanted to be a donor.”


Christopher’s wishes were followed, and his gift of organ donation helped to save SIX people, prompting Tammie to say: “That helps us to move forward, knowing he’s still living on through other people.”


Christopher was obviously a very caring person and one who was always thinking about others. The end of a life of one so young is a tragedy but it is good to know that his desire to help people could be followed through and others could be saved.


Bringing the statue to life


Simon used Jesmonite AC830 in producing his masterpiece and said of his creation: “It’s just bringing to light the joy of being alive. The three figures represent anyone enjoying the spectacular seascape and delighting in the joy of life. They could be family, friends, or strangers.


“We cannot help but create meaning when we look at human figures in the landscape. What are they looking at? What can they see? What might they say if they could talk?”


It’s an interesting perspective and one well worth thinking about. We are grateful to Simon and HGN Design for helping to bring the story to life.