Preserving and improving UK landmarks with Jesmonite

We’re proud to say that Artisan Plastercraft, a Kent-based specialist supplier and installer of architectural and decorative features, regularly chooses Jesmonite for projects.

The company has worked for over 25 years to provide the mouldings, applications, and design solutions needed to produce the finest possible finishes in a variety of properties. 

“We have been working with Jesmonite’s range of products for as long as Artisan has been in business,” says Russell Brewis, Marketing Manager for Artisan Plastercraft. 

“Jesmonite was invented in the early 1980’s and provides us with a unique alternative to traditional plaster. This gives us the ability to tender for more projects and offer a range of products and solutions with a greater range of applications.”

Materials supplied

Most often, Artisan Plastercraft will call on us to supply Jesmonite AC730 and Jesmonite AC100. 

Jesmonite AC730 is a rapid-setting, acrylic-modified, cementitious composite that replicates the look and feel of stone in a range of different colours. Jesmonite AC100, meanwhile, is a water-based eco-resin that is widely used to make decorative moulded objects. 

“The most significant benefit for us is the ability to create architectural mouldings that look and feel like natural stone, with benefits in lighter weight and bespoke design,” Russell said. 

“Without Jesmonite, it would be much more difficult to provide architectural features that are durable when exposed to the elements or have the ability to be colour matched out of the mould.

Collaborating with us

“We have worked with Jesmonite more closely in recent years, collaborating on opportunities and sharing our working knowledge of the products to assist in their ongoing development,” Russell said. 

“We are delighted Jesmonite are able to recommend us to clients that approach them looking for an experienced architectural manufacturer.

“Our staff have attended workshops and learning sessions run by Jesmonite to ensure we stay abreast of changes and up to date with new products as they are brought to market. This in turn enables us to be ahead of our competitors when it comes to discussing and developing a client project.”

Benefitting projects

The company’s master craftsmen have found that Jesmonite of all varieties offers an ideal solution to the problem of working quickly, efficiently, and to a set budget.

“Jesmonite provides an alternative to cast stone, or stone-looking enrichments, where otherwise natural stone would have to be used. This is, of course, weighty and expensive,” Russell said. “It provides a similar finish in a creative way, with variety and a choice of finishes.”

“It’s a flexible solution for our work, and it also has applications outside of architecture.”

A fine example

A wonderful example of our materials being used in an Artisan Plastercraft project is the Beaumont Hotel in London. Opened in 2014, this 1926 Art Deco-style Grade II listed building was rejuvenated and made over to perfectly capture the spirit of classically stylish luxury.

“We were approached to produce some specialist plastering for various areas within the hotel,” Russell said. “The scope also included a Jesmonite and Portland Stone sphere for the Terrace Suite on the roof of the hotel – a real showpiece to the passing public.”

“Being only supplied with one drawing, we prepared our own detailed plans and mock-ups using CAD software. We then manufactured the sphere in two halves and fixed it to a precast concrete coping.

“Due to the weight and risk of working at such high heights we instructed a structural engineer to provide additional advice and to ensure that the feature decoration was installed to the highest safety standards and quality finish.”

“The installed Jesmonite sphere is an eye-catching exterior specialist piece that matches the tone of the hotel’s interior.”

For more information or to see the Beaumont Hotel and other examples of Artisan Plastercraft’s work, explore their Projects page on their website.