Jesmonite welcomes a new distributor in Italy

The Jesmonite brand has been expanding across the globe over the past years, making it easier and easier for worldwide artists, architects and builders to get their hands on our eco-friendly resin. And we’re not stopping now. This month we’re delighted to welcome yet another distributor into the Jesmonite family, this time in Italy.

Globalchimica, based in Lombardore, has a reputation for steady research and great flexibility. Sales manager Massimiliano Nowak has been eager to become a Jesmonite distributor since he first discovered the product more than 20 years ago. “I first discovered Jesmonite in 1999 and I have been working with it since then,” he said.

“I love the art sector in general so now to be able to both work in it and provide products to other artists, it is very exciting. As well as using Jesmonite myself, I know there is a big client base for it, a lot of people tell me how much they enjoy the material. My clients are sculptors, architects and set designers and a lot of people say the main reason they love Jesmonite is because the products are solvent free and easy to use. All the different Jesmonite products are fantastic, they are so simple to use right from the start and safe too. My goal is to continue developing sales, thanks to the invaluable help of Jesmonite’s excellent team.” As well as becoming an official distributor of Jesmonite, Globalchimica will also continuously study and develop new silicone and polyurethane rubbers for the mold-making sector.

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