Jesmonite transforms busy company as productivity soars

A company which makes rapid fit brick slip facades has seen productivity soar since they began using Jesmonite and the range they can offer has also increased as a result. You’d be amazed at how many houses across the UK look just like they’re made of traditional bricks or stone, but in fact it’s Jesmonite. And that’s down to Monolith. The company, based in Denbigh in north Wales, has created a variety of brick style cladding panel systems, the industry leading solution to most building technologies. They provide exclusively Jesmonite products for architects, self builders and major contractors.

Edd Wilson, sales and marketing manager at Monolith, said there are many reasons they now use Jesmonite.

“We have been using Jesmonite for just over five years. The previous product we were using took up to eight weeks to dry, but Jesmonite dries in 24 hours. We also imported our previous product into the UK, but are pleased to now use Jesmonite made right here.” He said.

“It is also eco friendly, using this product reduces our carbon footprint and, as a water based resin, creates a better working environment for our staff. The flexibility of Jesmonite is also a huge draw, the depth we can take it down to helps us create exactly what we want. We create 13mm lightweight bricks with mesh integrated into the wall without adding much depth to the building itself.”

“Not only that, the fact it is colourless and light weight means we can further create exactly what we want. We can match an existing brick system pattern and colour in 3 days and begin the production in 2-3 weeks. It works so well for us, it enables us to create a traditional looking product with all the benefit of brick itself.”

The manufacturing company, which is part of the GreenThumb group, manufactures all products in the UK by hand, not using machinery or creating a repeating texture – there is variation in each Jesmonite brick with a personal finish. Monolith first heard about Jesmonite when representatives went to see what they needed. Edd said Jesmonite provided a ‘tailor made material that ticked every box, which no other company could do’. Monolith has developed BrickPlus: Eco, Jesmonite on a polystyrene backing, which is used on many low rise buildings – particularly eco houses. More recently they introduced BrickPlus: Pro, Jesmonite bricks with a mesh integrated into it. This is used on high rise buildings as it is completely non-combustible and enables more variation with insulation products chosen to fit each specific project. Monolith have proudly completed Jesmonite facades on a full housing estate of 47 eco homes in Project Etopia, Corby. They’ve also used the flexibility of Jesmonite to fill arched roofs on their project in Aldenham Road, Bushey.

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