Jesmonite secrets are revealed – it’s your lucky day as you get the chance to get your hands on Jesmonite recipes!

Shhhhh, it’s been a closely guarded secret for many years.

But now, it’s out.

It’s your lucky day as recipes for Jesmonite products are being revealed so you can have the chance to make it yourselves at home.

Jesmonite is excited to announce that the recipes for Terracotta and Coade pigments are being released, giving creatives the chance to take the next step on their Jesmonite journey and make it themselves. We hope this glimpse into behind the scenes will excite you as much as it does us and get you geared up to try something new!

It’s also yet another way to make your products even more authentic. The Jesmonite team will be discontinuing the two pigments, but we’re not leaving you high and dry as that’s not us – we want to equip you with these secret recipes to make the most of the product.

If you would like to make the pigments yourself, you can find the recipes for Terracotta and Coade pigments here:

Recipe to make 1kg of Coade

Yellow Oxide67.600%0.676g
Red Oxide7.000%0.070g
Black 1.400%0.014g

Recipe to make 1kg of Terracotta 

Yellow Oxide50.00%0.500g
Red Oxide 50.00%0.500g

Happy making!