Jesmonite on mantle pieces across the globe as award ceremony hands out accolades

by The Jesmonite Team

You may remember how excited we were about the first time we believed Jesmonite had been used to create an award (if not you can read about it here). Imagine how excited we are now, as Jesmonite has been used to create yet another trophy – and this time it’s on mantle pieces in Singapore. The incredible vibrant trophies were handed out at a ceremony celebrating the best upcoming talent in the country. Twenty of the exciting 2.8kg designs were created by WanderWaves, a Singapore based company. Designer Sheryl usually uses Jesmonite to create artisanal homeware and accessories including jewellery and planters. She said it was the perfect choice of material for the trophies to fit the brief.

“The client wanted something heavy in weight, fluid and vibrant colours and a miniature mic embedded on the trophy,” she added.

“Thus we decided to incorporate a combination of Jesmonite and resin, as the mass of Jesmonite was an ideal material and its quick setting capabilities allowed for us to embed the miniature mic on the Jesmonite cube without having to wait too long for it to harden, lest the mic sinks.

“AC100 was perfect as it allowed us to experiment with the different colour options and we eventually settled on a black Jesmonite base as it allowed the turquoise and pink colours to come true and bring about more contrast.

“We also chose to work with AC100 as the clients had mentioned wanting a more industrial/unordinary trophy thus we thought the concrete-like look of AC100 would be ideal.”

But creating such a brilliant design didn’t come easily and there was lots of practice involved. “There were multiple challenges that we encountered such as warping of the moulds due to the heaviness of the material and the appearance of air bubbles,” Sheryl added.

“Eventually, we figured that we had to reinforce the moulds with wood trimmings all around the sides of the wall of the moulds so as to ensure that the mould could contain 2kg of jesmonite.

“And in fact, the clients loved the look of the air bubbles as they thought it made it look more rustic and imperfectly perfect, words by the client themselves.”

Sherly has been working with Jesmonite since March 2020 and since making these trophies she has received further enquiries to custom make trophies. For more information on WanderWaves and what they offer visit their instagram page here.