Jesmonite now have an official distributor in Lithuania!

Lithuanian artists are getting very excited about the prospect of getting their hands on Jesmonite for the first time, as a new distributor is revealed. Despite never having used the material, artists are calling Silforma looking to place orders for Jesmonite. Emilis Daugėla, managing director of Silforma, heard of the material last summer and thought it was a great product – so he started to enquire about becoming the first distributor in Lithuania. Sales manager Gerda Mockiene and her colleague  Evelina Jakavonytė said since they have been listed as a distributor on the Jesmonite website – before actually receiving products – the interest has been amazing. “We have a huge amount of people really interested, we have a huge list of orders and we are getting lots of calls,” Gerda said. “It is very unexpected to have such a large amount of people interested, they haven’t even tried the product before but they are so interested and so in love with it, even though they haven’t touched it yet. “They have been patient but it will be great to feel the texture and begin making products with it, we are very excited.”

Silforma has been running for five years and sells materials for artists like silicone and clay, as well as to people who work in theatres and the film industry. But the sales list for Jesmonite products already grew longer than other products, even before they’d taken delivery of the material to sell. Gerda and her colleagues have been having online tutorials on how to work with Jesmonite and harvesting knowledge they will then pass on to their own customers. She believes one of the great things about Jesmonite is it’s versatility. “We think it is amazing, safe and it is very unique – there is nothing else like it,” she said. “People in Lithuania love art, artists and everything they can make for themselves, they love this kind of project so Jesmonite is going to be big here. “There are also huge possibilities to make a lot of things from Jesmonite – starting with dishes and cups, finishing with swimming pools! “You can make kitchen tables and phone cases too, just anything and it really does look good with all the colours and textures. “We have mainly heard from artists placing orders so far but we will suggest using Jesmonite to producers and directors too, it can be used to make props in the theatre and film industry as well, so it really is going to be of interest to so many people in Lithuania. “At Silforma we want to be an example to other companies. We have found something new that will work for so many industries here and we are excited to expand the possibilities for all these people we already provide materials for.” For more information about Silforma visit the website.