Jesmonite Korea – Check out their latest projects

Korean distributor creations

Have you seen what’s happening in Jesmonite Korea recently?

We always love to check their social media accounts to see what creatives there have been up to.

And there is so much happening!

Creators across Korea have been collaborating with major companies to create Jesmonite products for inside stores, including cosmetics brand showroom displays, sportswear showroom object props, and furniture.

Hyoungsul KIM has created a new work called TOPO-landscape, which features landscape designs for asphalt, deserts, and oceans.

His intricate sculptures, which are only 100mm x 280mm maximum,  combine Jesmonite with other materials such as corallite, iron shavings, basalt, and recycled plastic to create the effect of looking like the landscape it represents.

The layers and twisted designs are incredible, making it look like this could actually be a piece of land picked up from the ground in urban areas, the desert, or the bottom of the depths of the ocean.

Another post that caught our eye was the work by Calmer which has been selected to be displayed at sum37, a renowned Korean cosmetics brand.

The two companies collaborated to have Jesmonite installations placed in department stores nationwide.

The latest serums and creams from the new micro-active line will be displayed on a step made of Jesmonite. The step needed to be made of an eco-friendly material to align with both Calmer and sum37’s business ethos and Jesmonite was the perfect choice.

Calmer has created a minimalist circular body and rough texture, capturing the asymmetrical wrinkles to mirror the human body with a smooth feel like pottery.

Calmer focuses on sustainable creative activities using eco-friendly material Jesmonite, and carefully handcrafted products. These stands were a new technique for them, but they learned even more about the material in the process and were excited about the result!

And distributor Jesmonite Korea, who supplies the materials for the projects we’ve mentioned, is launching their own new products too.

The distributors have created their own Korean version of the Jesmonite Starter Kit for beginners, which allows people just discovering the material to create without using weight scales. It includes Jesmonite AC100 base powder in packs of 100g and 150g, AC100 liquid in a 200g pot, three colour pigments, a silicone mould, a measuring beaker, and other materials.

An official sample of Jesmonite has also become a permanent collection in the material library they created at two of Seoul’s most famous architectural and interior design locations: Younhyun Library in the architecture district and Concs Seoul in the art and interior design district.

To keep up to date with all things Jesmonite in Korea, follow the Instagram account or visit the Jesmonite Korea website.