Jesmonite is part of a JD Sports campaign thanks to Chokmah in Singapore

Jesmonite has featured in a global campaign for a sportswear giant, thanks to one of our creatives and a happy coincidence. Chokmah, based in Singapore, teamed up with JD Sports to launch the new sustainable sportswear from Adidas’s new Stan Smith Collection. The collection is made from recycled polyester and the eco-friendly nature of Jesmonite is what attracted their marketing giants to work with Chokmah. The company, run by Halim Wahab and Joyce Orallo, put on regular workshops for people to try using Jesmonite and it just so happened that a lady who worked for JD Sports attended one and loved the product.

“We didn’t even know the lady who came along to our workshop that day worked for JD Sports, she was just a participant and not there for work,” Joyce said.

“They liked what we did, and we are very happy that she loves Jesmonite and the products we make.

“The eco-friendly nature of Jesmonite, that it’s a water-based resin and friendly to the environment was most attractive to them. We tell the story of sustainability and that is what they loved.

“The Stan Smith Collection is all about upcycling and that is what we do at Chokmah too, a lot of our products are made from sample pieces or production pieces that are rejected or broken, we put them together and use them well, we don’t waste anything at Chokmah.”

The pair made a small collection of 60 green and white plant pots which were offered to all customers who bought a Stan Smith Collection product in Singapore and the whole range was redeemed within a few days. The plant pots also featured in store displays and Halim and Joyce featured in an interview for the campaign to discuss their sustainable journey. Chokmah is also running workshops for people who bought Stan Smith Collection products but were too late to collect one of the rare plant pots. Video here

“We are quite excited,” Halim added.

“We’ve also recently worked with the Singapore Tourism Board which has featured special and unique shops, and Chokmah was one of them.

“We’re also in talks with a well-known car manufacturer and even a record label which want us to make products and run workshops for their marketing campaigns.

“We are very excited about this partnership with JD Sports and also looking forward to the future, the impact it could have and some projects we have coming up.”

Halim is a trained architect and Joyce is a trained interior designer, they have been working with Jesmonite for just over a year through their craft company Chokmah, which creates a collection of homeware products and furniture. But they are also very keen to run workshops to educate people about the eco-friendly nature of this product.

Joyce added: “We just love Jesmonite and how good it is for the environment.

“But also, people are very interested in the product itself and the material due to the versatility of the beautiful and bright colours it can achieve, it fascinates people.

“And it is fast setting, immediately you can see what you’ve done and that makes our workshops very exciting, it is great to see the joy on people’s faces.”

For more information on Chokmah visit the website.