Jesmonite is 40!

Having looked at our history over the last 40 years back in March, we thought it would be nice to quiz the team here at Jesmonite HQ and find out what they think…

What does Jesmonite mean to you?

‘Jesmonite is synonymous with creativity, quality, and reliability. We’re very fortunate that our products are regarded very highly by our customers after all these years and we’re doing our best to reward their faith and loyalty.’ (Dan Bannister, Commercial Director)

‘A creative material which can be used to make anything from small objects to large scale projects.’ (Sophie Bevan, Company Accountant)

‘Endless possibilities for creativity. A local, independent business that is conquering the world.’ (Dale Griffiths, Factory Manager)

‘Bespoke compounds and products.’ (Pete Phizackerley, Senior Factory Operative)

‘Jesmonite represents a safe yet high-performing creative medium, allowing creators, innovators and manufacturers to push the boundaries of what they thought possible with conventional materials to create finishes, colours and pieces that have sublime results.’ (Edd Wilson, Divisional Director)

What’s the best thing about being a member of the Jesmonite team?

‘The team spirit and support of each other.’ (Katy Williams, Digital Marketing Manager)

‘Great people to work with and a relaxed workplace.’ (Robbie Davies, Factory Operative)

‘The family unit we have developed.’ (Lisa Biddulph, Operations Manager)

‘A shared vision, we all want to push the brand and products in the same direction and encourage each other to learn and grow our effective skill sets daily.’ (Edd Wilson, Divisional Director)

What is the most unusual thing you have seen made from Jesmonite?

‘A full-size Pelican on a gate post.’ (Dan Bannister, Commercial Director)

‘Strawberries, because you would never believe they were Jesmonite as they look so real!’ (Katy Williams, Digital Marketing Manager)

‘All small food items – but mainly the brussel sprouts – and then the total opposite side of grandeur – life-size statues and the gorilla.’ (Lisa Biddulph, Operations Manager)

‘A guy got us to make casts of his head.’ (Sophie Bevan, Company Accountant)

‘The body casting! Fascinating! Love the idea of being able to create memories that people will treasure.’ (Dale Griffiths, Factory Manager)

‘I thought the sink was cool.’ (Jordan Rackham, Factory Operative)

What do you see in Jesmonite’s future?

‘Growth, and lots of it! We can see incredible global potential for growth across our main sectors of manufacturing, distribution and retail. Our vision is to broaden our global delivery network further so that almost everyone in the world who decides they want to try Jesmonite on a Monday, will have it in their possession in time for the weekend. We do achieve this goal in many regions and territories, but we still have some work to do to fill in some of the gaps.’ (Dan Bannister, Commercial Director)

‘Continued growth and success. Jesmonite to be more accessible globally.’ (Katy Williams, Digital Marketing Manager)

‘Lots of growth and expansions to the work and team, and possibly opportunities for more training and experience.’ (Robbie Davies, Factory Operative)

‘World domination – for Jesmonite to be a word in everyone’s daily vocabulary, rather than a word few have heard of.’ (Lisa Biddulph, Operations Manager)

‘Continuous growth and expansion, as well as maintaining and improving the standards already set.’ (Dale Griffiths, Factory Manager)

‘Continuous worldwide growth within various sectors and our products becoming household names as another medium to make something. When someone is considering products, they usually cycle through typical methods such as plastic, metal, wood and I see Jesmonite becoming one of those names!’ (Edd Wilson, Divisional Director)

So, this is what the team thinks now after 40 years of our brand, and what they think the future holds. To check out Jesmonite, go to our website, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn.