Are you following the right people for Jesmonite inspiration on TikTok?

This January we at Jesmonite want to make sure you’re getting your Jesmonite fill in all the ways you can.

We’ve seen some incredible people popping up on social media, sharing the great things they’ve made and their fantastic ideas for new ways to use Jesmonite.

A satisfying watch

We find watching videos like this is just so satisfying – but this blog should come with a warning that you might lose a couple of hours of your day to TikTok videos!

Here, we want to give you the lowdown on who you need to be following on TikTok for your Jesmonite inspiration – and prepare to be inspired…

If you want innovative ideas for marble effects, terrazzo and all sorts of hints and tips then @pepperpleasestudio would be great for you! Based in Ontario, Canada, they show the process of pouring and demoulding their beautiful creations and the music makes it feel like an old friend! With almost 1k followers, we know more would love to see their work and become their old friend too!

Hints, tips and more

@alexmarieartistry is your account to check out for all things neon splatter! We love the way they think up so many different ideas. It’s a be bold or go home kind of account! With fast paced, upbeat music they really do make you feel like the world is a fantastic place – and a little splash of colour makes a huge difference. It always boosts our mood when we watch the videos from this account, based in North Yorkshire, UK and they have over 12.5k followers too!

For a luxurious touch to your home and a bit of a laugh while exploring, have a look at @luxehomedecrltd. Their account focuses on bespoke customer orders, feedback and a little fun too such as their strangest request to date. They do a fantastic job of explaining how they break designs in half and create special effects – a robotic voice and music over each video explains the situation clearly and carefully. We also love @luxehomedecrltd’s grandma who features in some of their videos!

With almost 300k followers, it’s clear others love this account too!

If, like us, you love a Terrazzo finish, then make sure you’re following @slowmakestudio! They absolutely boss the Terrazzo effect with Jesmonite and clearly show the pouring, demoulding and final product with a number of effects including customer bespoke orders. From creating their own moulds and showing Terrazzao at its best, we also can’t help but dance a little when we watch these TikToks! Based in Nottingham, UK, they have 20.5k followers and it’s clear to us why they’re so popular!

Addictive videos everywhere

@jeune.home is the queen of content for candles and stone homeware. With over 100k followers the UK based account shows the process of candle making in incredibly easy to watch (and slightly addictive!) short videos. They also give great hints and tips like how to clean up spilled wax and how they trim their wicks!

Not following these accounts on TikTok? We think you should be!

Check them out and let us know what you think of their creations and accounts.

And watch this space for more inspiration, be it in purchasing, creating or following your love of Jesmonite.