Jesmonite green credentials

Jesmonite is well known for its environmental and green credentials – but many users don’t know all of them. They may not know about the company’s continued commitment to preserving our planet for future generations and how far they go to do this. Here you’ll find all the information you need to feel confident talking about and selling the eco-friendly nature of both Jesmonite as a product and as a company to manufacturers, distributors and anyone using the product too.

As a product

  • Jesmonite is water based and non-solvent, making these materials kinder to the environment.
  • Jesmonite is safe and easy to use and does not need specialist, protective, environmentally damaging or energy sapping equipment, such as a kiln when working with clay or extraction when working with solvent or toxic based materials.
  • Jesmonite product technology is lightweight and uses less material in comparison to traditional heavyweight concrete and natural stone. For example, on a building facade Jesmonite decorative panels/elements can be manufactured at 12mm (24kg per m2), instead of 80-100mm (200kg per m2) natural stonework or precast concrete.
  • Jesmonite lightweight technology reduces the need for heavyweight lifting equipment, reduces transport costs and lowers the amount of fixings needed to support Jesmonite decorative elements.
  • Jesmonite products can be broken down and reused within new Jesmonite products, reducing the amount of waste created when working with the material.

As a business

Jesmonite is committed to prioritising the environment and committed to the future.
As a company Jesmonite is striving to improve its green credentials – not just saying it, living it. Here’s how.

  • Jesmonite uses ingredients which are sourced through local supply chains to keep CO2 emissions and carbon footprint to a minimum.
  • Where possible Jesmonite has changed its packaging.  Instead of a plastic tub, some products are now shipped in a cardboard posting box. This is part of a global review of the manufacturing, packaging and distribution process currently being undertaken.
  • Previously, members of the Jesmonite team would travel 21,000 miles – the equivalent of 801 marathons – by car a year to hold sales and account management meetings. We are no longer doing this and will hold meetings virtually in order to save 2386 litres of fuel – for which we’d have to plant 292 trees in order to be carbon neutral.
  • As a worldwide company, previously members of the Jesmonite team would travel 81,500 miles – the equivalent of almost 3.3times around the earth’s circumference – by air a year to hold meetings. We are no longer doing this and will hold meetings virtually in order to save 18,144kg of CO2 – enough energy to boil the kettle for the equivalent of 521,739 cups of tea.

And here’s how Jesmonite is to continue its commitment to improving green credentials:

  • To reduce waste and demonstrate the commitment to protecting the environment, Jesmonite is planning to undertake ISO14001 environmental management system certification.
  • Jesmonite is determined to achieve the goal of supplying eco-friendly products across the globe and achieve carbon neutral status.

As users of our product

The Jesmonite team do not assume Jesmonite is as environmentally friendly as it can be because of the efforts made at HQ. The team check to see if it is being done – and these are things you can do too.

Lucy Lowe from @heykiddoco makes her own water filter out of old Jesmonite packaging to filter any wastewater and reuse it. Lucy reused about 300 litres of filtered water in the first 8 months of using her filtration system – and made a video to show other people how to do it.

Similarly, Suezan of @suezanart works in a zero waste capacity and made a video about making moulds with zero waste.

A different but equally impressive eco-idea was from @getflecked in Somerset, which sells products made of Jesmonite. The company planted 25 trees for every purchase from them for a while as part of their commitment to being a sustainable and carbon neutral business.

To find out more ways we have found creatives using Jesmonite being environmentally conscious see our blog here. And to learn answers to our FAQs about the environmental benefits of Jesmonite look at our blog here.