Jesmonite brand ambassador in Germany!


Meet our newest Brand Ambassador, Martina, from studio.mARTinchen in Germany. She is full of great DIY ideas, instructions and tips for fellow creatives.

“I simply love creating things with my hands. There is nothing that brings me more peace than being creative. In those moments, I can escape from everyday life and the whirlwind of thoughts. Not every piece of mine is perfect right away, but in my opinion, that is part of the creative process. Sometimes the most interesting things come from “fails.” Some days are dedicated solely to my experiments, where I try out new techniques and methods, combining Jesmonite with different materials like fabric and paper, for my most popular pieces. Currently, I am also studying graphic design and love combining creatively from various fields.”

Why Jesmonite?

“After watching a video by a YouTuber from the UK, I became aware of Jesmonite AC100 and I was immediately impressed! At that time, Jesmonite was not yet widely known in Germany. I hope that my work will help inspire people and make Jesmonite more popular in Germany.

Put simply: Non-toxic, durable, and colourful!

The variety of properties that Jesmonite offers is the reason why I love working with this material. The fact that it is non-toxic makes it easy to integrate into my daily life. My son can be in the same room without me worrying about potential negative health effects.

To test the outdoor durability of Jesmonite, my son and I designed a decorative tray for his sandbox and put it through a durability test – It may be a bit dirty, but it withstands wear and tear, and I am sure he will enjoy it for a long time.

Lastly, Jesmonite can be beautifully coloured.”

What is your favourite piece, you have made with Jesmonite?

“I have to think about this a bit, because over the past year and a half of using Jesmonite, I have created many wonderful pieces. If I had to choose one piece, I would select the tray with animal print.”

The studio.mARTinchen journey?

“When I uploaded my first reel on Instagram, I never imagined where it would all lead. Originally intended as just a hobby, I simply wanted to share my passion with my few followers.

I could never have dreamed how positively my content would be received. The support from people all around the world encourages me to keep going. Almost overnight, my Reels went viral and suddenly I was receiving an overwhelming amount of attention that I had to navigate.

I am just getting started and bursting with ideas, that hopefully can all be realised soon. Stay tuned!

A milestone for the future will be expanding my YouTube channel. I get countless daily messages via Instagram. I use detailed YouTube videos to provide comprehensive tutorials on all the topics I get asked about.

I want to share my creative ideas with the world and help people create their own artwork. Because knowledge doesn’t diminish when shared. On the contrary, it grows.”

Were you inspired by someone to start your business?

“By none other than Anastasia from Pepper Please Studio! (another Jesmonite Brand Ambassador), I admire her positive attitude, unmistakable aesthetic style, and creativity. I have learned a lot from Anastasia, and I’m grateful and proud to now be her ‘colleague’.”

You can find studio.mARTinchen on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and Pinterest