Japanese distributor sees Jesmonite sales soar as she enjoys working with respectful company

We’ve recently highlighted some excellent work in Japan that creatives are producing with Jesmonite. One of the people who gets to see a lot of that creativity is the person who sells it to them. Hiroko Matsumoto, who is in charge of sales and promotion at C&B Limited, has been dealing with Jesmonite for five years. She is thrilled every time she sees new projects or hears the ideas her customers have for the Jesmonite they are buying from the distributor.

“One of the happiest moments in our work is when we see artists and designers making high quality artwork,” she said.

“It amazes us every time to see the material we sold transformed into such wonderful outcomes. I respect artists from the bottom of my heart.

“Our clients are interior designers, product designers, contemporary artists, sculptors and manufacturers too, all very impressive people who can create things we are amazed by.

“And interest in Jesmonite is increasing too – sales have doubled year on year and  we know it will get bigger because there are so many potential users, many designers have only just started to use it and are discovering it.”

As well as selling Jesmonite, C&B Limited likes to use it to test different techniques and be able to help customers when they have questions about the water-based material. The company has a lot of curiosity about what can be done with Jesmonite and is eager to solve any potential client issues and assist them in their creativity. C&B Limited held an exhibition called Jesmonite LAB in a fabrication cafe in Japan in September. The concept was to inspire artists and designers through Jesmonite experiments, mixing other materials into the base.

She added: “We demonstrate to people how to use Jesmonite and we share fantastic artwork made from Jesmonite.

“One of the biggest Jesmonite characteristics is its acceptance of other materials, so designers can create new materials and new textures, it is also a great way to use waste and upcycle, which is just one of the environmentally friendly aspects of the material as well.

“Jesmonite is very safe. It is solvent free so it is harmless, there are no strong smells and no shrinkage when it cures.

“It is also not flammable and these properties provide a safe environment for creators.

“Jesmonite as a company have respect and understanding for art and design, you can feel it from their branding and packaging. I love being a distributor of Jesmonite and feel very lucky to be involved in all these exciting projects.”

C&B Limited aspires to provide the material to professional designers who display at international exhibits while showing them new possibilities of the materials and helping them to get over a bottleneck due to material constraints. For more information about C&B Limited visit their website or follow them on Instagram.