HSBC banks on Jesmonite
02 Jan 2019
by The Jesmonite Team

Jesmonite have helped HSBC meet its environmental commitments by assisting with the building of a new headquarters in Birmingham by creating a feature wall in the reception area of the new offices.

Managing director, Piran Littleton said: “We are delighted to have been part of the green credentials HSBC has striven for in the development of its new UK headquarters in Birmingham.

The new office had to fit in with HSBC’s global commitment to reducing carbon emissions and has been awarded the Gold Accreditation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Jesmonite AC730 was used to create a feature wall in the reception area of the main foyer, not only because of its chameleon-like ability to match the surroundings so effectively but more importantly because of the green qualities it possesses, particularly compared to more traditional building materials.”

Feathercast Limited, one of Jesmonite’s manufacturing partners, was involved in the design and delivery of the project. The firm’s managing director, Emma Pearson, said: “The main foyer had to represent the whole build so not only did we consider the aesthetic appeal of Jesmonite, we also considered how we could reduce the environmental impact of our project. The restricted space we were working in required us to avoid the use of heavy machinery in the fixing of the façade. The choice of Jesmonite’s light-weight materials enabled us to achieve this whilst at the same reducing the carbon output. Factors such as the non-combustibility, flexibility and strength to weight ratios also featured in the decision making.”

The new headquarters at 1 Centenary Square in Birmingham has a number of key features helping HSBC’s commitment to the environment. It has external glazing made of 25% recycled materials and a thermal coating to increase overall energy performance.

The building is also fitted with energy-efficient LED lighting, all timber used in the project came from sustainable sources approved by the Forest Stewardship Council and steel in the construction contains a minimum of 20% recycled materials.

Jesmonite AC730 contains no volatile organic compounds, is fire rated A2-s1, d0 under the harmonised Euroclass system and is a water-based acrylic composite and therefore has a low carbon footprint impact.