Hand-crafted homeware and décor by Pearla.

In the world of artisanal crafts and unique creations, Jesmonite has emerged as a favourite medium for many artists. One such artist is Noor Al Ojaili, whose journey into the world of Jesmonite is nothing short of inspiring. Let’s look into Noor Al Ojaili’s story, exploring her love for Jesmonite, her creative ventures, and the creation of her brand, Pearla.

Meet Noor, our newest brand ambassador!

How did Pearla evolve?

‘My brand is called Pearla, a translation of what I call my mother in Arabic, “Lulua” meaning one pearl.’

I worked in the corporate world for a bit, but soon found that was too stressful for me, and I needed to find something that I love doing, which is this.

One of my favourite GCSE subjects was art. I loved painting, making sculptures, and anything that fell into that area. And just before I got into Jesmonite, I was taking pottery classes. I love exploring different materials.

I was in between Jobs, and I was scrolling through Instagram for business Ideas, and I started to see my explore page filled with Jesmonite videos and thought to myself, this is a sign, this is what I’ll do.’

And so, Pearla was born!!

Why Jesmonite?

‘My favourite thing about Jesmonite, is how fast it cures. Being an artist and seeing your creation come to life can usually take some time, but with Jesmonite, you come up with a creation, and 30 minutes later it’s alive. My favourite thing I made was these coasters, which I gave all of my close friends for Eid, I love that each one is unique and colourful.

Jesmonite is very simple and fun to work with. My favourite things to make are gift orders and giveaways, whether it’s for baby showers or weddings. One of my first big orders was for my sister’s wedding. With the help of my family, we made 400 of these giveaways.’

What does Pearla represent?

Just like a pearl, each creation from Pearla reflects uniqueness and elegance, making it more than just a craft—it’s a symbol of heartfelt artistry.

In a world brimming with possibilities, Noor’s story teaches us the beauty of embracing change and finding purpose in what we love. Through Pearla, we witness the magic of Jesmonite—a medium that not only moulds and sculptures but also shapes dreams. As Noor’s creations continue to inspire, her journey stands as a testament to the endless possibilities that unfold when passion meets creativity.

You can follow Noor and Pearla’s story through TikTok and Instagram.