Grafton Yard has the sweet smell of success with Jesmonite
09 Dec 2020
by The Jesmonite Team.

We always love to bring you a success story so here’s one about a business which only launched in July and already has the sweet smell of success about it - selling scented candles in Jesmonite pots!


Grafton Yard is based in Kentish Town, North London, at the home of Rebecca Haig and her partner Freddie Paul.


It started as a hobby last year and as the couple developed their craft, they found the items they were making were proving very popular so decided to turn it into a business.


Rebecca said: “Freddie is a graphic designer and was intrigued with the possibilities of making things in resin and casting different things. He started researching and came across Jesmonite.

“We started making coasters and things like that, then got some more moulds, made pots and by that time we were coming up to Christmas last year. We started making candles and other things for friends and family, thinking it was nice so thought we may as well try and sell some.


“It just went from there, really, and it’s going really well. The combination of our two backgrounds has helped, Freddie has a great eye with all the art direction as a graphic designer, while I’m into analytics and marketing but have always been keen on art and painting so I am also involved in the artistic side, we are both quite creative.”


Rebecca said they dropped on Jesmonite by chance as it popped up while researching what to cast.


“The more we looked into it the more we discovered that it’s a great material with the colours and textures,” she added.


“We saw lots of people were making many things with Jesmonite, we had a play with it and found the more we did the more we wanted to work with it.


“It’s been a steep learning curve and we have developed techniques to minimise bubbles and lumps in the finished product.


“It’s eco-friendly as well. We both want to produce beautiful things and there is no reason not to be eco-friendly, it just means that it’s so much better in so many ways.


Grafton Yard products are available in several different retailers now as well as selling through Grafton Yard’s website.

Since launching the company has added more scents to the range and with more choices available, it is also providing refills as well.

Rebecca and Freddie make their own moulds and are scaling the operation heading towards Christmas.


“Everyone loves a scented candle at Christmas,” Rebecca said.


“Scaling up means we can do bigger batches which helps us become more time-efficient.


“We will probably bring other things back as we move forward but it’s all candles for now.”


For more about grafton yard, visit the website or instagram