Get ready to shine!

Are you ready to shine?

We are making sure you shine as brightly as you can; we’ve revealed a new Jesmonite gloss sealer.

This new sealer will work in very much the same way as the matt one does, but it will give your Jesmonite made products even more wow factor with a gloss finish!


We see so many creatives wanting to find a suitable gloss sealer, and we listen to our customers. So here it is – exactly what you need.

We’ve created this sealer to be easy to use and have the effective finish you desire.

So experiment with it and see what effect you get and what best suits your work. You could apply a diluted coat to your product first, diluted 50:50 with clean, cold tap water, then either a second coat of neat sealer or one that’s diluted again.

Each one will give a slightly different finish, and we look forward to finding out what works best for you and how you use the gloss sealer!

Top tip: Be careful not to over-apply the material. This will help to provide a more uniform finish.

And to clean it? Any standard cleaning method is suitable, such as using diluted mild cleaning detergents. But please make sure you thoroughly rinse them after cleaning.

The technical bits

The formulation of this gloss sealer follows our typical water-based ethos while incorporating a pure acrylic polymer. The benefit of this is you’re likely to see improved UV stability when compared to other types of polymer dispersions.

This gloss variation will also have the same level of stain resistance – if not a little better performance – than our current matt sealer.

How often you have to re-coat with the gloss sealer will simply depend on how much you use the product – we imagine it won’t happen often at all. Typically, the coating will dry with a hard film so it should have a good service life.

But, for example, a coaster may need applying if it is used daily, has hot drinks spilt on it and is scrubbed often.

Over-coating the product should not be a problem – but just make sure you remove any grease, dirt, or other contaminants that could potentially affect bonding before you re-apply.

Where can I get it?

Interested in the new gloss sealer? We hope so!

Just head to your usual, nearest, or favourite official Jesmonite distributor and ask for the new gloss sealer, they will have you covered (literally!).

We can’t wait to see all your shiny creations and great reviews of this fantastic new product, which we know you wanted! Check out our TikTok for inspiration!

Remember to #jesmonite and tag us when you post your pictures on social media!