Two German artists become distributors of Jesmonite to awake passion in fellow creatives

Two German artists have begun supplying their favourite products to other artists – they’ve become Jesmonite distributors!

Asli Ekutorse and Lea Boekholt have set up Moon & Colors to distribute our concrete alternative material after they developed a passion for the product.

Their business launched in April 2022 and they are very excited to become official Jesmonite distributors.

Asil said: “We saw Jesmonite online and fell in love – we were using resin before and it was very shiny and a bit plastic looking, but I wanted a natural stone character.

“As soon as I used Jesmonite I was in love – it was a moment where I realised I could create exactly what I wanted to.

“People knew I sold some art supplies and they started asking for Jesmonite.

“Now we have it, our customers are very excited, they love the pigments especially and they are going crazy for it, they are trying new colours and it is so exciting to see.”

The artists sold products such as key chains or home decorations made of resin or gypsum powder in their previous job.

Asil began by importing art supplies from China and Lea was a customer of hers who she has always admired – as someone she could trust and who knew the processes, the pair had a coffee and the idea for Moon & Colors was born.

But they both still love to create.

Lea added: “We are still making products to sell as well, but selling Jesmonite just fits in with the other elements of our business.

“We test all moulds before they sell them and we are very passionate about both creating and selling, we are artists selling to artists so we try to explain what you do with the products, doing teaching and training too instead of just selling.

“We want to express ourselves through the art we create but also awaken a passion with other artists and teach them to enjoy the product as much as they can.

“We think Jesmonite will become a big part of our business.  It is such a great product and has so many benefits – we love that it is fast drying and you can use it safely at home, it is perfect because it is simple and just a great product.”

Moon & Colors aims to begin creating Youtube tutorials in German and also start in person workshops to teach people how to use Jesmonite.

Asil and Lea want to help other people make a profit from their knowledge!

For more information visit their website, follow them on Instagram or visit their TikTok page.