From hen do workshop to successful business – learn the journey of Terrazzo Parazo

We are not sure if a hen do has had quite the impact on anyone’s future as much as it did for Milly Parazo. The 23-year-old went to a Jesmonite workshop as part of a hen do almost four years ago, not knowing much about the material. Today she has a successful business making gorgeous Jesmonite homeware, boasts over 120,000 followers on Instagram and shares incredible pictures of her products and her team. She’s very popular – and it’s clear why!

The business, Terrazzo Parazo, was launched in lockdown in July 2020 after Milly was made redundant from an events job. And it’s gone from strength to strength.

“It was scary and a risk but it was the right time to give it a go,” she said.

“I started social media and dedicated a room in my parents house to make everything, it was chaotic and messy but it went well.

“I thought it would be 10 years before I got my own studio and have people working for me, I never would have guessed or dreamed it would be like this, everything happened so quickly.”

Her beautiful vases, candle holders, trinket trays, book ends, coasts and even Christmas decorations are largely created in Terrazzo design, but some products have block colour and other intricate designs such as clouds, flowers or marble effect. She has always been interested in interior and colour and likes things that stand out in a room – which has been the basis of Terrazzo Parazo.

“I love Jesmonite,” she said.

“I love how quickly it sets – I could have a crazy idea and could have it there by the end of the day, in front of me.

“I love the colour too, how vibrant you can make the products and you can mix any colours.

“I have experimented with different ways to use Jesmonite but my following love the Terrazzo the most, it is what people fell in love with from the start.

As a result, her West Sussex studio is awash with buckets of Terrazzo chips. Collected waste chips and organised coloured chips too, they are everywhere. Milly only began using Jesmonite as a hobby and never intended to set up a business making homeware. She has backgrounds in photography, design work and social media.

“My goal was always to have a creative job, I thrive on it,” she added.

“I have had a few jobs but each of them have been a huge benefit to now – I feel like everything that has happened has got me to where I am now.

“Even jobs in customer service, they have helped me with how to respond to emails, the photography experience helps me with taking pictures to promote my goods and the social media management has helped with online promotion.

“I want to inspire other young women in business.

“I want to show people that I don’t have a business degree, I started in my room with no business knowledge, but if you have your heart set on it just go for it.”

You can find Milly’s business on Instagram following @terrazzoparazo or visit the website