Meet our first Jesmonite Projects Ambassador

Meet Hugh Paterson, a fibrous plasterer whose job consists of creating internal and external mouldings, utilising Jesmonite®, plaster and other materials for decorative purposes. He works for his family firm, Plasterite in Ightam, Kent who are long time users of the materials.

In his DNA..

‘I grew up around the industry, playing ball around the yard and I had my hands in plaster at a very young age. I used to get excited to go to work with my father and grandfather, however I never knew that I would grow to have such passion for our craft as well. I consider myself unbelievably lucky to have been trained by three greats of the industry. My grandfather, father and uncle have all had an immense role in my training, and I look up to all three as role models. My best mate has also had a part in my teachings with Plaster of Paris, before I reached out to utilise and admire Jesmonite® as a material as much as I do.’

Why Jesmonite?

‘I grew passionate about Jesmonite® very quickly. I really liked the versatility of the products – I’ve used AC730 in various forms for different projects, ranging from Corinthian column capitals to brick façade panels. This material aids the craftsman more than any other in ease of casting. I later learned to cast using AC100 for a large overseas project. The casts needed to be raised to a higher level, meaning they had to be durable and light. Jesmonite® fits both options.’

‘The versatility, durability and user friendliness are second to none.’

‘Jesmonite® stands out greatly, especially in the external respect. Other materials traditionally used in our craft are long and drawn out with a complex casting process. Though they have their uses in heritage and restoration jobs, Jesmonite® leads the way as a modern alternative, it’s diverse range of textures and colours allows you to adapt it to suit any building from any period.’

‘It’s an incredibly user-friendly range of products. Just have a go and the material will teach you the rest.’

Why did you want to be a Projects Brand Ambassador?

‘I wanted to spread the word about an eco-friendly material that aids in modernizing our trade which needs to utilise traditional methods for historical buildings, but also needs a modern, game changing material like Jesmonite® for many other projects.’

‘I want to share a dying craft as much as I can, so that young people can be inspired to get into the industry.’

‘As an ambassador I will focus on teaching people about my craft, inspiring others to pick up their tools and get into the trade, as well as spreading the word about such a versatile range of products that can be massively successful in construction.’

What do Jesmonite® products offer your business?

‘I believe that Jesmonite® adds significantly to our business. It enables us to perform a wider range of jobs in a much easier manner than traditionally. Any quality fibrous plasterer should understand Jesmonite® and their products and allow it to help them in their craft.’

‘My favourite product would have to be the AC730, specifically in the white marble. This one, when acid etched especially, looks expensive and classy. It feels so smooth to cast with and even glistens in the sunlight after being etched with Jesmonite® Acid Etch.’

‘My favourite job to have been a part of was for a private client in London. We produced a fully bespoke, ornamental fountain in the doric fashion. Plasterite produced the models and moulds to which I played a large part in the casting operation of a brick façade panels, columns, water feature detailing. All of these were cast using the AC730, Portland Stone. The final product was installed on a metal sub-frame to be lightweight and freestanding. I etched all panels to a finish to give the feel and appearance of natural stone. The varying architectural features made the casting process a challenge, embracing the casts in such a way that they were strong but lightweight. Luckily, Jesmonite® is a material that enables this to be done.’

Keep moving forwards…

‘In it’s time, Plasterite has been a part of some great jobs to include Leeds Castle, Hever Castle, as well as various overseas jobs of a larger scale.’

Where will Hugh and his family take Plasterite and its use of Jesmonite® next? To follow Hugh’s progress check him out on Instagram & Tik Tok and for all things Jesmonite® check our website.