Fibertek, Jesmonite distributor based in Canada

Jesmonite is now available in Canada as we are delighted to welcome Fibertek to the team!

The family company has become the first distributor of Jesmonite in the country and it has meant there has been a huge shift in the focus of their business.

So many people wanted to buy Jesmonite from Fibertek that they’ve actually reduced the offering of fibre products, what they initially launched to do, in order to increase the amount of Jesmonite they can offer. They now focus on supplying special effects makeup and related products.

Why become a distributor?

Rick Jarnell, of Fibertek, said: “We had numerous artists that had used Jesmonite while working in the UK and we kept getting asked if we could bring the material into Canada.

“There was a huge demand and we just couldn’t say no as we knew the market was there. In fact we’ve changed our whole businesses because of the demand.

“We were strictly a fiberglass retail/wholesale store, we then purchased the distribution rights to Smooth On, then people asked us to start carrying makeup type materials for the silicone, so we brought that in.

“It just snowballed from there really – people asked us to carry different types of special effects makeup, so we did.

“Once the TikTok video release of Jesmonite went viral, we got calls from as

far away as Jamaica and Mexico.

“Now the fiberglass is in the back of the store and our storefront is filled with special effects makeup, Smooth On and Jesmonite.”

Why Jesmonite?

Rick said it just made sense for Fibertek to stock Jesmonite because what they offer goes hand in hand with the other stock.  The products for molding and casting are perfect for what their customers tell them they want.

Many customers choose to buy the whole package from Fibertek so they can create their own mold and then create their products in it using Jesmonite too.

“We hear from our customers that the reason they love Jesmonite is ease of use, color selection and is safe to use compared to our polyester resins,” Rick added.

To find out more about Fibertek and how you can order Jesmonite from them visit the newly launched website here.