Fake Food Bakery

This is mouth watering stuff. If you weren’t hungry before clicking on this page, you soon will be.

The Fake Food Bakery in Edinburgh provides food props worldwide. As a professional sculptor Kerry Samantha Boyes spends her days using Jesmonite to create faux food of everything from Greggs chicken bakes and sausage rolls to brussel sprouts and macarons.

And you wouldn’t have a clue they were fake until you tried to eat them!

The product

Kerry was introduced to Jesmonite by a technician at The Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop who suggested she try it. She first used AC100 in 2017 when she was commissioned to cast a blow up doll for a contemporary cast and hasn’t looked back.

She said: “I now include Jesmonite in most of my sculptural work, including in pastry products like pies, biscuits and loaves of bread.

“I began using AC730 when I was commissioned to create a series of replica Roman Stones for The Vindolanda Trust on Hadrian’s Wall and quickly realised what a fantastic material it is.

“I began playing around with it to see how far I could push the product, from exact copies of 2000 year old Roman replicas to Melton Mowbray pork pies.

“Jesmonite is extremely versatile, you can pour or laminate it and I find that as long as you can produce a good mould, you can make almost anything.

“It takes paint very well and the possibilities are simply endless.”

Bread and butter

Kerry’s bread and butter as a sculptor began as work for museums, country houses and charities like the National Trust.

But since lockdown in 2020 her workload has adapted and her bread and butter making a living as a sculptor is now just that – bread and butter and replica food.

Kerry has provided Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse in America with a full replica desert menu, has products scattered in TV studios and Theatres across Europe and she’s

been asked by Starbucks USA for a replica breakfast menu.

“I can’t look at food now without thinking about the sculpting process, a walk around the supermarket for me is quite an event,” she added.