Earth Day 2023 – it’s time to make a difference!

Every day should be a special day when it comes to protecting our environment.

At Jesmonite we do everything we can to invest in our planet and reduce the impact we have on it.

But in April each year an event takes place that aims to focus the attention of everyone across the world on the problems we face in protecting our planet and the actions we need to take to ensure its survival.

Earth Day 2023: Invest In Our Planet takes place on Saturday, April 22nd and provides the perfect opportunity for all of us to think about doing more to reverse the negative impact humans have so far had on the land.

We all have a role to play in this as individuals, but we believe businesses too must take the lead and assume a greater responsibility in the way they operate – with the environment front and centre.

Leading by example

You might say that we were ahead of the field when it came to the manufacture of our amazing Jesmonite compound – an environmentally friendly alternative to toxic or dangerous building materials and resin-based products.

Our commitment to the environment has also seen us change the way we package and distribute Jesmonite to an ever-increasing global market. Our starter kits are packaged in recyclable cardboard for delivery, and we are eliminating the plastic buckets used as containers to deliver our Jesmonite AC100.

Some 95% of the work we send out from our factory is no longer in plastic buckets – doing away with the need for about 26,000 of these non-recyclable items. Instead, we are packaging our AC100 in plastic bags which are fully recyclable.

Two greener alternatives, more in line with our thinking and the needs of our environment.

You may also have recently read about the launch of our European Hub – this new way to distribute our product has reduced the miles travelled and our carbon footprint, it’s both kinder to the environment and better for distributors!

More about Earth Day

The first Earth Day was held in 1970 and today is the world’s largest environmental movement – mobilising more than one billion people into action globally across nearly 200 nations. The day promotes:

  • Education on environmental issues.
  • Tree planting.
  • The use of more sustainable fashion.
  • Individuals using the power of their vote for change.
  • Avoiding the use of plastics.

Earth Day also encourages people to get involved in an international tidy up of their communities as part of The Great Global Clean-up – yet another way in which we can all play a part in protecting our environment.

It is aimed at reducing waste and plastic pollution, removing billions of pieces of rubbish from our parks, rivers, beaches, and communities, and improving habitats for animals and humans.

It’s time to do something.

Our planet is very important. It is our home and the only place we can live right now. It is also very fragile when it comes to the way we treat it so let’s all make a pledge to look after it better.

Let’s make a commitment to get involved in Earth Day on April 22nd. We certainly will at Jesmonite – it’s a much better option than doing nothing!