A celebration of Jesmonite in design

London Design Fair 2019 takes place during September, and it’s always fascinating to see how Jesmonite is being used to create stunning pieces of design.

It’s been two years since Jesmonite was announced as the London Design Fair’s “material of the year” in 2017, and since then a number of talented designers have taken Jesmonite to new heights.

These designers constantly seem to be able to find new and innovative ways of using our material, and have done an incredible job of showing what a versatile material Jesmonite is, as well as creating some absolutely stunning objects!

Designers love working with Jesmonite, celebrating it for its strength, its chameleon properties, green qualities and aesthetic appeal. As we look forward to this year’s design fair, which starts on 19th September, we’ve taken a look at some of the amazing pieces of work that have emerged since Zuza Mengham encased Lichen in Jesmonite at the 2017 fair.

One of the most striking designs we have seen is a collection by Lara Bohinc on objects of “future modernity”, a series of lamps that represented what we would find if our modern, geometric objects had been buried and rediscovered. This thought-provoking collection was featured in DeZeen magazine, and looks even more out of this world than some of the film sets Jesmonite has been used in.

Malgorzata Bany featured in the 2018 London Design Fair, with a series of tables, lamps and accessories, simplified to create “moments of serenity in the everyday”. She moved to Jesmonite after a plaster piece that she was working on smashed, and she loves how strong Jesmonite can be.

More recently, Ariane Prin’s RUST homeware collection uses oxidising metals discarded from key cutting workshops in London, mixed with Jesmonite. The colour of each product is unique, depending on the oxidising of the metals used.

This is just a small selection of the variety of uses Jesmonite has been put to in the design world, and we can’t wait to see what these talented designers produce at this year’s London Design Fair!