Casting Co, Jesmonite distributor based in Singapore

We are thrilled that our first distributor in Singapore and South East Asia is launching this month (November).

Halim Wahab and Joyce Orallo have created the company Casting Co, simply to stock Jesmonite to meet the huge demand in the creative industries there.

Halim, a trained architect, and Joyce, a trained interior designer, had enquiries for Jesmonite from Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong even before the company was launched.

Why distribute Jesmonite?

Casting Co has had enquiries from people in all types of industries: architects, interior designers and crafters all trying to get their hands on Jesmonite to use in their work.

The company is particularly pleased to be able to offer a sustainable, green material to work with.

“In architecture in Singapore we use a lot of concrete,” Halim said.

“The country has been struggling to find and use a more green and environmentally friendly material, this is it.

“We are very excited that we can now become a distributor and make the process of getting Jesmonite quicker for people in South East Asia.”

What is it about Jesmonite?

The pair have been working with Jesmonite for one year through their craft company Chokmah, which creates a collection of homeware products and furniture.

They run workshops and educate people about the material too.

“While running Chokmah we realised how good the material is and that it is not available in Singapore,” Joyce said.

“For me, I always tell people that Jesmonite is sustainable, functionable and beautiful.

“It can create such beautiful colours. When I work with ceramics and concrete, we have a base tone but with Jesmonite I can make bright colours, I can pretty much achieve any colour on the colour chart.

“It is also versatile, fast and easy. I just love it and I find it very exciting, there are so many possibilities.”

Halim added that from an architecture point of view one of the huge benefits of Jesmonite is that it is lightweight. This means architects can cast in large pieces with no join lines.

To find out more about Casting Co and how you can order Jesmonite from them visit the newly launched website here