First Brand Ambassador in South America.

Meet Pâmela from Pam Home Décor, the newest recruit to our ambassador scheme.

‘My name is Pâmela, I’m 34 years old, I’m a mother and I have a workshop that makes decorative pieces and candles. I am very interested in everything related to interior design and decoration, I love watching renovation programmes and being aware of new trends in interior decoration.

The name of my brand is Pam Home Decor, in fact, when I created the name of my brand, I didn’t have many ideas of what to call it. It seems easy, but choosing your brand name is not an easy task! So, I thought, why not include Pam, because that was always an affectionate way that loved ones called me, and Pam Home Decor means a lot to me.’

How has your Jesmonite journey been?

‘I started making decorative pieces to supplement my income during the COVID-19 pandemic. I needed to work from home, so I decided to create my own decorative pieces and candles to promote and sell online. And I surprised myself with my ability to reinvent myself and start something completely from scratch. Obviously, my creativity helped a lot in this process, as I have always been a creative person.

I discovered Jesmonite through social media. Here at Pam, I started creating concrete pieces, and I still work with them to this day. However, I was always enchanted and curious about the material that I saw international professionals and profiles using. I then discovered that it was Jesmonite, but unfortunately, we still didn’t have a supplier here in Brazil. When I found out that we would finally have an official Jesmonite supplier here in Brazil, I saw the opportunity to finally be able to test and work with it.

I love the different possibilities for creations that it offers us, the practicality of its handling, drying time, resistance, everything! It’s a complete product, especially for the pieces I create!

I love the texture and finish that Jesmonite provides on my pieces. Mainly because I produce decorative pieces and I am a perfectionist when it comes to details. It’s difficult to talk about a favourite piece I made in Jesmonite, but the one that enchanted me most was a flower-shaped candle container, as Jesmonite managed to replicate it with all its fine details.’

Inspiration and support

‘I have always received a lot of support from my family, and it was because of them that I found the courage to start my own business. After all, I wouldn’t know if it would work if I didn’t try! And I’m still grateful to this day that I had the courage to try. Using Jesmonite has always been a desire that I had, watching several videos on Instagram from other professionals, there is a lot of incredible work and professionals around the world, and they all inspired me in some way.

The two social platforms that Pam is present on are TikTok and Instagram. I confess that my favourite is still Instagram. In both, I have a loyal audience that follows me, buys, and is inspired by my work. And that always makes me want to create content for them more. I love the styles of videos where I show parts of the production of some pieces, making people feel like they are part of the process.’

So, if you want to follow Pâmela along her journey, then check her out on Instagram or TikTok. And to find out more about Jesmonite, visit our website.