Newest Brand Ambassador in Spain.

Introducing Macarena Atienza, owner of brand, Studio Mac based in Barcelona, Spain.

‘I am 32 years old; I have lived in Barcelona with my partner for 4 years, but I was born in Argentina, Buenos Aires. In my free time, I like to play sports as well as travel, learning about different cultures, customs, foods, etc. I love reading romantic novels and spending time with family.’

‘Since I was very little, I have loved drawing and painting, in fact, I am a teacher, and I have always been very good at everything related to crafts. I taught little children and made paintings to sell. I always had this artistic side and that is why I created this business.’

Why Jesmonite?

‘I wanted to start a business to manufacture decoration and home products that stood out compared to those currently on the market. I researched on Instagram and saw that one of the best options was the use of Jesmonite.

I love the quality of the material, as well as its drying times and how flexible and easy it is to use and mix, using techniques such as terrazzo or creating different colour mixtures. Furthermore, the fact that it is an ecological and sustainable product gives it an advantage over the rest, which is something that we were looking for our brand. Compared to other products we have tried, Jesmonite gave us very good results in a short time.

I enjoy that by preparing the Jesmonite mixture you can make multiple variants of products and pieces of high quality and with quick drying times. It is a reliable and easy-to-use product. My favourite moment is when I make all the products for our business and plan all the variations of them.’

My very own studio!

‘I always had this idea of being able to create my own art studio, that would encompass more options. Social media showed me other people, who had a similar direction, and that’s how I started with Jesmonite. I contacted a company here in Barcelona that could provide me with the material, I signed up for a workshop, and little by little I trained myself and managed to launch Studio Mac.

My favourite social networks are Instagram and TikTok. I can spend hours watching home decorating videos, creating accessories, and learning about Jesmonite-related businesses. Many videos serve to inspire me in my work, as well as adapt them to what I want to convey with my small business.

So, the name of my brand is Studio Mac, partly because of my name and partly because I wanted it to represent everything that interested me as a child in relation to art, crafts, etc.’

To check out Macarena, Studio Mac and her fine home décor products, visit her on Instagram and TikTok.