by The Jesmonite Team.
This partnership developed as part of a search to find a more environmentally friendly product to best serve arts, crafts, sculptors and architects in Korea.
by The Jesmonite Team.
We always love to bring you a success story so here’s one about a business which only launched in July and already has the sweet smell of success about it
by The Jesmonite Team
The trophy given to winners in the Scottish Album of the Year Awards was made of Jesmonite, thought to be the first such accolade made from our product.
by The Jesmonite Team
Halim Wahab and Joyce Orallo have created the company Casting Co, simply to stock Jesmonite to meet the huge demand in the creative industries in Singapore.
Our distributor has begun selling Jesmonite in Greece. George Grammatopoulos runs Silgram, selling silicone for mold making to architects and creatives.
03 Nov 2020
by The Jesmonite Team
The FormBox machine allows you to make a mould within seconds, allowing you to create your masterpiece from a range of materials, including, Jesmonite!
Kate Ive
22 Oct 2020
If you literally wanted to take a piece of a building with you to a new one, Jesmonite is the way to do it. Kate Ive artwork for a new hospital in Scotland.
Fake Food Bakery
05 Oct 2020
by The Jesmonite Team
The Fake Food Bakery in Edinburgh provides food props worldwide. As a professional sculptor Kerry spends her days using Jesmonite to create faux food.
Life Project AU
21 Sep 2020
by By The Jesmonite Team
The Life Project AU sculpture that sits on the Perth shoreline in Australia is a case in point, and we are delighted that Jesmonite played a part in it.
by By the Jesmonite Team
Interview with Manzo Design London. Isn’t it great when you can turn a hobby into a successful business? That's exactly what happened for Manzo Design London