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Have you seen? Have you heard? The new Jesmonite creatives website is your space!

We’ve mentioned it in passing on social media, but now we really want to shout about it – a big official ‘hello and welcome’ to the new Jesmonite website especially for creatives!


At Jesmonite HQ we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to bring you a dedicated website for all users involved in art and creativity.


We’ve grown such a following over on our Instagram page, we thought it was a perfect fit to create our own space to celebrate everything artistic about the worldwide brand we know and love, that is Jesmonite.


We hope you’re enjoying it!


Our own space

We’re so thrilled you’re now able to see it and if you haven’t had a chance to yet, let’s explore.


This space is about celebrating what YOU do with our product. So you’ll find a dedicated area for makers here showcasing a lot of incredible talent by people all over the world.


We’re showcasing artists, sculptors and homeware makers as well as many other creatives – we want to show the variety of projects you can make with Jesmonite and highlight some of the incredible designs we’ve spotted on social media.


I hope like us, you find it pretty inspirational.


There’s more about our brand ambassadors here where you can see the latest from Heft, Lemon crush studio, and Emily Marlin. A tip from us – it’s worth an explore, they’re great!


We make the water-based concrete alternative, you run with it and create things we couldn’t dream of, so this space is really yours!


Content and look

We’re hoping you will agree that our shiny new website has a modern and welcoming feel to it. As so many of our customers and creatives tell us, it’s all about the colour and those pigments you can achieve!


We’ve also made sure all the content on this site is exactly what you want and need.


We’ve got some of the same easy to use tabs for quick access to information about us and what Jesmonite is, products, how to buy, blogs, and to contact us.


We’re hoping it’s easier to navigate than our old website and you’ll find less clutter and less pages that simply aren’t relevant, if you don’t want to know particularly how architects use Jesmonite.


Two websites

However, if it’s architecture and project work you’re interested in Jesmonite for – or you want to find out more about that side of things – we do have a little more good news!


You might prefer our old, but very much revamped and relaunched, website – aimed directly at the architectural market and people with these interests.

Find it here.


So whatever it is you’re after, happy browsing and discovering more about Jesmonite!