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Meet The Team: The Factory Staff!

One of the most important cogs in the Jesmonite team is our factory staff – without them you simply would not have Jesmonite products! Without them there wouldn’t be anything for delivery drivers to deliver, anything for salespeople to sell and anything for marketing people to market. They have worked incredibly hard throughout lockdown, changing the way the factory runs so it is COVID compliant, meeting a huge increase in demand for orders and putting in the hours to make sure Jesmonite continues to be produced to the high standard expected. And they’ve done it all with a smile on their face. Instead of chatting to each individual at a time, we thought we’d introduce you to the whole Factory team for this month’s Meet the Team blog.


So, who are they? They are Dan, Alex, Dylan, Dale, George, Kofi, Lauris and Archie.


Where are they based?

 They all work from our state-of-the-art factory site in Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire, UK where the Jesmonite worldwide headquarters are based.


How often do they work?

Our ‘factory boys’ as they are known, work five days a week (Monday – Friday) to fulfil all needs for the Jesmonite orders coming in. As demand has grown, they have worked overtime in the Jesmonite Factory to make sure our amazing customers get their orders. As an example of how much their job has changed recently, they are now making more than triple the amount of starter kits each month compared to 2019. That is a lot of extra work for our team to be making up, packing, palletising and stock checking too. And that’s just one example!


What do they do?

These are the jobs the factory team take care of:

●     Manufacturing of ALL Jesmonite materials and decant materials into the Jesmonite pack sizes

●     Packing and palletising orders

●     Stock checks and organising stock – using the forklift to move around the factory site.

●     Colour matching services for bespoke Architectural projects.

●     Making up the AC100 Starter Kits

●     Creation of AC100, AC730 and Flex metal samples for Jesmonite Sample packs

●     Health and safety checks on the whole of the factory site to make sure everyone is in good hands at work.

●     Maintenance of the factory site whenever needed.

●     Machine and plant maintenance

●     Booking UK haulage and couriers

●     Managing goods coming in and allocating them into the factory

●     Adhering to ISO90001 accreditation


So, here’s to our hard-working factory team and a big thank you to each and every one of them to the work they do for Jesmonite – and we’re sure that comes from both us here at Jesmonite as well as our distributors and customers all over the world who use any kind of Jesmonite product! Keep an eye out next month for another ‘Meet the team’ blog – but now you have met our factory team, will it be a person or a whole team again… what do you think?