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Meet the team – Kickstarter Keira

We’re celebrating the new year with the return of our popular ‘Meet the team’ blogs!

Giving a glimpse into the world of the Jesmonite HQ, each month it features a different member of staff, giving you a chance to get to know them a little more. It’s either a familiar face (or voice!) you’ve been in contact with for many years as you’ve dealt with Jesmonite, or it could be a new person you’ve only recently encountered here, but either way it’ll be that little more information to make you feel closer to the Jesmonite family.

In fact, this series of blogs may well feature more of the latter as we’ve had new staff start in a variety of roles over the last few months – so watch this space! We’re kickstarting our blog series with a new team member! Keira has joined us as part of the government scheme to help young people aged between 16 and 24 get into work.


Name: Keira Davies


Role: Assisting Katy with all things Marketing!


How long have you worked at Jesmonite? Not long, only 6 weeks!


Which country is on your bucket list to visit? I would really love to go to Iceland and see the northern lights. This has been on my bucket list for a while now!


What was your highlight of 2021? One of my highlights has been moving back to Shropshire and being able to reconnect and spend time with my friends and family after being in lockdown for so long.


What is a favourite quote of yours? “No rain, no flowers” I love this quote because it reminds me that you have to go through bad times to make way for the good times later on.


What is something you would like to achieve in 2022? I’m hoping to move into my own flat very soon and would love to pass my driving test this year, so fingers crossed!


What is an interesting fact about you? I was born during an earthquake which I’m sure not many people could say!


What is the best advice someone has given you? I think the best advice I have been given is “don’t waste your time worrying about things that you can’t control”.


So, if you talk to Keira this year do check in on the driving lessons and the flat hunting, we wish her all the best with these exciting life goals! We’ll turn our attention to another member of our team in February, so watch out for it!