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Jesmonite materials are available to buy through a global distribution network. Each one of our approved distributors is fully trained and able to provide you with in-depth information regarding all aspects of your project.

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Art & Product Design


Art & Product Design

New to Jesmonite or keen to explore further? We have launched a Jesmonite Starter Kit, perfect for anyone interested in starting this incredible journey. If you are already a keen maker, please share your work with us using #Jesmonite on Instagram, we love supporting our Jesmonite artists by liking and sharing your gorgeous work.

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Architect Projects

Do you have an Architectural project in mind or simply want direction to a Jesmonite approved Manufacturer? For a free consultation please contact us via the Contact Us form.

If you would like to know more about Jesmonite materials for Architectural projects, join us for our 'Made from Jesmonite' CPD event.

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Architect Projects