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Young Jesmonite Designers




At Jesmonite we are very proud to have worked with and supported a group of exciting young designers who were contemporaries at the Royal College of Art. Their work shows just what can be achieved when Jesmonite is used in unorthodox ways and outside of our standard methodology.



“I have been working with the AC100 a lot in the last two years. I like that it sets quickly and that it works well with the type of experiments I do for my RUST collection. There are still many parts of the Jesmonite range that I haven’t tried yet and I’m looking forward to. It’s versatile and inspiring.”

Ariane Prin




“I like the multiple properties of Jesmonite. It’s a malleable material similar to ceramics, yet you can carve, cut and sand it as with wood. And finally, with the way I finish the material off, it gets the characteristics of stone. It’s really a very versatile material that allows you to work it in many different ways.”

Hilda Hellstrom





”Having never used Jesmonite we understood it as a very straightforward easy to use material, with many standard applications. When we started experimenting for our project Newton’s Bucket we wanted something that we could cast whilst in motion. Trying a few different materials Jesmonite gave us surprising results that suited our application more than any other. At our studio we focus on material research, developing new ways of using them; we see plenty of potential in Jesmonite products for non-standard applications.”

Oscar Waning




“As a young sculptor, ambition is a necessity for the evolution of my practise and growth of my career. My ideas however are always considerably beyond my means and capacity to produce them and limited resources are forever an obstacle. With the incredibly generous support of Jesmonite it has been possible to realise my largest and most challenging project to date, a hovering building on Covent Garden Piazza. I think it’s fantastic that Jesmonite sponsor, champion and celebrate the projects of young and ambitious practitioners across all creative fields and the art world would be a more exciting place if more companies followed their lead...”

Alex Chinneck





“We’ve been working with Jesmonite AC100 for five years now and have worked a bit with AC730, initially making bangles and slowly upscaling to bowls, side tables and the most recent addition is a dining table.”

Bernadette Deddens





James began using jesmonite during his studies at the Royal College of Art. In 2013 he approached Jesmonite for sponsorship and we were delighted to help. This resulted in his ‘Expanding Spaces’ exhibition at the Marsden Woo Gallery Space in London.




“After experimenting with a number of more commonly known building materials, I found I could achieve much finer, more intricate finishes with Jesmonite, whilst retaining strength and durability. The material really lets me play around, combining various aggregates and elements cast within it. I am excited by the versatility of Jesmonite, my imagination runs wild thinking of the possible large scale architectural applications of my surface designs using this material.”

Stephanie Tudor

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