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Product: Jesmonite AC100

We love getting involved with projects for young people, so when we were contacted by STORE STORE, a not for profit social enterprise aimed at developing skills and confidence in young people, we were delighted to help.

STORE STORE is a design shop in London run by STORE selling products created by youngsters during workshops, with all proceeds made from the sales being ploughed back into after-school clubs.

We collaborated in a STORE project two years ago where youngsters used Jesmonite during workshops, and were pleased to help out again this year with projects involving the creation of bookends incorporating the shapes of soundwaves.

The bookends were launched at the 2019 London Design Fair and are stunning creations.

Designer and artist Kevin Smeeing works closely with the youngsters, aged between 15 and 18, at the after-school clubs. He said: “We wanted to use Jesmonite for our after-school clubs to teach the students various ways of exploring the material.

“We contacted the company and they were good enough to supply us by way of sponsorship with the material we needed to complete both projects.

“Working in collaboration with Unit Lab, a London-based design studio working around science topics and making science more approachable and interesting, we were able to design and create bookends made using the Chladni method.

“Cindy Strobach and Mike Vanis from studio Unit Lab aim to bring science out of the lab and into everyday life, and introduced the students to cymatics, the science of studying waves created by sound.

“Students experimented by resonating metal plates, to observe how patterns change at different frequencies. Chladni patterns were frozen into position by casting Jesmonite on top, resulting in unique bookends.

“We have used Jesmonite AC100 and Jesmonite pigments previously and decided to use them for both the bookends, where shapes were designed by students, moulds made and then created using Jesmonite.”

STORE STORE is achieving so much through our after-school clubs and workshops and the aim of the project is to develop skills and confidence in the participants, as well as giving young people a stake in the new public space that’s been developed at the centre of their community.

Kevin added: “We host weekly after-school clubs for local state school pupils, taking in a wide spectrum of different forms of product design and fabrication. Split into small groups, students gain industry-level experience in CNC-cutting, glass-blowing, VR, pattern-cutting, laser-cutting and other techniques.

“With the support and collaboration of the STORE associates, they apply these skills in the design and prototyping of products that are then sold in the shop. Royalties from the sales go to the students or a cause of their choice. These after-school clubs give young people a unique chance to see their ideas go from imagination to reality, from initial conception through to design, prototype, manufacture and retail.”

Kevin was part of an interesting collaboration during the 2018 Vienna Design Week, a Flavour Collage Workshop which recreated a district of the capital city using chocolate, jelly and Jesmonite.

The aim was to answer the question: What Does the 7th District Taste Like and created an edible architectural model of the district on Jesmonite blocks. A combination of flavours to be regarded as a medium to encourage dialogue. Now there’s food for thought!

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